Time Nick Message 15:33 LyndsySimon Greetings. pdurbin suggested I drop this link in this channel: https://www.yubico.com/2014/10/neo-u2f-key-apps/ 15:34 LyndsySimon It's regarding U2F, an emerging standard for multi-factor authentication. Google annouced support for it yesterday. 15:35 LyndsySimon Unlike "traditional" TOTP, U2F means that each service you authenticate to gets its own keypair. I've not dug deeply into yet, but I plan to implement it within the next week or two for a Python webapp. 15:42 pdurbin LyndsySimon: speaking of Python and TOTP, I forget if I ever linked you to https://github.com/fasrc/openauth 15:43 LyndsySimon I don't think so. I ended up using a fairly low-level library 15:44 LyndsySimon https://warehouse.python.org/project/oath/ 15:55 hydrajump LyndsySimon: thanks for the U2F link! 21:07 pdurbin HTTP://CAPSLOCKDAY.COM 21:07 pdurbin MY FAVORITE HOLIDAY 22:21 pdurbin I REPORTED THE BUG WHERE ilbot3 DOES NOT MAKE THAT A CLICKABLE LINK AT http://irclog.perlgeek.de/ilbot/2014-10-22#i_9551325 ... THIS SHOULD WORK: http://capslockday.com