Time Nick Message 10:41 pdurbin hydrajump: I'm hearing good things about influxdb: http://irclogs.shortcircuit.net.au/%23circuits/2014-10-20.log.html 10:42 pdurbin "it's actually a replacement for nagios" 10:55 hydrajump pdurbin: hi I don't know if "replacement for nagios" is an accurate description but yeah influxdb is something I will be testing soon. 11:13 pdurbin looks like you mentioned it vs. sensu here: http://irclog.perlgeek.de/crimsonfu/2014-09-11#i_9338149 11:28 hydrajump right so "grafana+riemann+influxdb+statsd" vs nagios not influxdb vs nagios ;) 11:29 hydrajump influxdb as far as I know is a metrics database. It won't do alerting and all that other stuff with additional tools such as those I mentioned. 11:29 hydrajump *without* 11:32 pdurbin ah, ok 15:25 semiosis kubuntu \o/ 15:52 pdurbin heh. well, I'm trying vanilla ubuntu. I removed the amazon button from the dock 17:23 semiosis pdurbin: seriously, kde is the best desktop interface. so far advanced. totally worth your time to check it out 17:37 pdurbin my buddy who uses netbsd is really into kde 18:43 larsks ...but he's using netbsd, so his judgement is already suspect. 18:58 pdurbin heh 19:05 semiosis best thing netbsd ever did was kick out Theo so we could have openbsd