Time Nick Message 13:22 pdurbin hmm, I was thinking about trying to shrink the partition I've got Fedora installed on (/dev/sda4) to make room to install Ubuntu but it's greyed out in gparted... I can't seem to shrink it: http://tmp.greptilian.com/tmp/x220parted.png 13:23 pdurbin maybe I'll just have to wipe Fedora off of this thing 13:24 pdurbin I hear that Netflix works under Linux now, so maybe I don't even need that Windows partition anymore. 13:47 larsks pdurbin: I was watching netflix w/ linux just last night. Works a treat. 13:47 larsks You need the latest Chrome release, but otherwise no tricks involved. 13:51 pdurbin larsks: ok, great. which distro? 13:52 larsks I'm on F20, but that shouldn't matter too much. 13:53 pdurbin right. ok. me too. but I've got to do something about this random clicking problem I've suffered from for so long. I have half a mind to buy a Mac. 13:53 pdurbin I can't bear the thought of rebooting into Windows permanently. 13:54 larsks I haven't owned a computer that runs windows ever. 13:54 pdurbin larsks: oh? you're running Fedora 20 on Mac hardware? 13:55 larsks I'm running it on a Thinkpad. I'm just saying I've never had windows installed on any computer in my house... 13:55 larsks Mostly I've just been lucky to have jobs that don't require MS Office :) 13:56 pdurbin hmm, I'm on a ThinkPad too. An X220 Tablet. dunno why I have this problem 13:58 pdurbin it's a breath of fresh air to sit down at my wife's iMac or my MacBook at work and know that the mouse pointer won't randomly jump around and click things 13:58 larsks Fwiw, I've never seen that behavior... 13:59 larsks I'm on a...T530? I think. 14:00 pdurbin larsks: do you think it would be worthwhile to attend some local Linux User Group meeting to see if anyone can help me? no idea which one. 14:02 pdurbin it's not the sort of thing I'm going to call Lenovo about 14:04 larsks I'm not sure; I'm not familiar with any local linux user groups. I wonder if one of the stackexchange-esque sites would be any help on this? 14:22 pdurbin hmm. maybe. I feel like I want to try switching from Fedora to Ubuntu first to see if it helps. 15:01 melodie hello! 15:01 melodie pdurbin so you haven't fixed it yet? 15:01 pdurbin heh. I wish 15:01 melodie I am now being trying Ubuntu Gnome, it's a buddy who we can meet at #phillw who leads the project 15:01 pdurbin my wife and I just talked about it. I think we're just going to buy a Mac laptop. 15:02 melodie his nick is darkxst and he is from Australia 15:02 melodie pdurbin you can try one of these desktop editions in live to see how it behaves: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-gnome/releases/14.04/release/ 15:03 pdurbin what's weird is that the problem isn't happening now. I wonder if it's because I rebooted. 15:03 melodie or you could buy a nice refurbished T410 which they sell in US, on ebay, I just had a whirl there now and they are pretty nice 15:03 melodie did you update or change a setting/some settings before you reboot? 15:03 pdurbin oh wait, it just happened. my pointer clicked Firefox behind the window I'm typing in, which lost focus until I switched back to it. 15:04 pdurbin the idea with buying a Mac laptop is that both my wife and I could use it 15:05 pdurbin melodie: once I'm happily moved to some other hardware I'm happy to wife this ThinkPad and but whatever distro on it 15:05 pdurbin s/but/put/ 15:05 pdurbin s/wife/wipe/ :) 15:05 * pdurbin isn't sure what it means to "wife" a ThinkPad 15:06 melodie I mean you should try a live CD or usb stick 15:06 melodie what proc is that? x86 or 64bits? 15:07 pdurbin melodie: I could try a live CD but I'd need to run that way for a few days and see how it goes. the problem sometimes takes a while to surface. This is why I thought it was fixed a few months ago. 15:08 melodie you might use a usb stick with persistant mode, once you will have burned a first DVD you can create the usb stick with persistant mode with the tool included with the distro 15:08 pdurbin I wonder if I should wait to buy a Mac laptop. (also thinking about buying a new iMac.) I'm not very good about knowing when Apple is releasing new hardware. 15:09 melodie "Startup Disk Creator" is the name 15:09 pdurbin melodie: yeah, could try that. A USB stick I could write to, so I could live in the other distro for a while. 15:09 melodie also if you'd switch to Ubuntu, they have versions for PPC and Mac 15:10 pdurbin if my wife is to also use a new Mac laptop there's no way I'm putting Linux on it 15:10 melodie well to use the startup disk creator you prior need a first install of ubuntu, or a DVD 15:11 melodie or you can create a usb bootable stick with dd and from there create an install to a second usb stick with the startup creator, so this way you can spare a dvd 15:11 melodie so is it 64bits or x86_64? So I can point you to the right edition with gnome :) 15:11 pdurbin x86_64 15:11 pdurbin hmm, this is helpful: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Timeline_of_Apple_Inc._products 15:12 pdurbin definitely want a retina screen for whatever new hardware 15:12 pdurbin wow, nice: http://www.apple.com/imac-with-retina/ 15:27 melodie well I like mat monitors, and I think apple provides only shiny ones 15:27 melodie besides the fact they are a lot more expensive than regular computers, for not much more features, is just my opinion 15:34 pdurbin definitely expensive 17:49 pdurbin what's interesting is that Cory Doctorow seems to have the same laptop I have and really likes it: My new Ubuntu-flavoured ThinkPad is computing heaven | Cory Doctorow | Technology | theguardian.com - http://www.theguardian.com/technology/2011/may/17/computing-opensource 17:49 * pdurbin runs dd if=/tmp/ubuntu2/ubuntu-14.04.1-desktop-amd64.iso of=/dev/sdb bs=1M 19:13 melodie you don't need the bs= ârt 19:13 melodie part 22:29 melodie he in that page: 22:30 melodie http://batteryuniversity.com/learn/article/charging_lithium_ion_batteries 22:30 melodie I don't understand it all in the part (at the end of the article) where it says: 22:30 melodie "Over-discharged batteries can be “boosted” to life again. Discard pack if the voltage does not rise to a normal level within a minute while on boost. " 22:30 melodie what do you think the "Discard pack" part means? 22:35 melodie hi Mo0O 22:35 melodie :) 22:36 Mo0O Holà melodie 22:59 pdurbin thanks interesting. from the Ubuntu installer I wasn't able to delete the partitions Fedora had created. I ended up booting with PartedMagic to use gparted to blow them away. 23:00 pdurbin /s/thanks/that's/ 23:06 pdurbin oh, and Ubuntu wouldn't let me type my wifi password because it's too short (6 characters). 23:20 pdurbin melodie: I *do* see suggestions to buy stuff. songs for 99 cents, etc. 23:21 pdurbin and there's a big amazon icon on the dock thing to the left 23:22 melodie pdurbin why didn't you get the Ubuntu Gnome I pointed you to? 23:22 melodie or Lubuntu? Or Bento? Any honest spin! 23:22 melodie ^^ 23:22 melodie well in Lubuntu and Xubuntu and Bento Gparted is installed. no need for anything else 23:22 pdurbin well, shouldn't I try the normal Ubuntu first? 23:23 melodie pdurbin you can try as many as you wish, they are all free :D 23:23 pdurbin yeah. I'm just hoping this solves my problem. 23:23 melodie 1001 distros on distrowatch as you know... :o) 23:23 melodie pdurbin so does your mouse cursor jump there? 23:24 melodie as you formerly told me you use Gnome, I thought you would be familiar with the Ubuntu Gnome edition 23:24 pdurbin let me live with it for a few days before I say if it's fixed or not 23:24 melodie ok, so what about the Ubuntu Gnome Edition? 23:24 pdurbin meh, I'll learn whatever. the default seems fine. Unity or whatever this is 23:25 melodie I have it in virtualbox today, and it looks beautiful 23:25 pdurbin it's no worse than gnome 3 23:25 melodie the themes they are using are so fraich and shiny 23:43 pdurbin the pointer is still jumping around on me, without me touching it, even under Ubuntu 23:44 pdurbin the hardware must be faulty somehow 23:44 pdurbin so frustrating 23:48 melodie try a light one, Lubuntu 14.04.1 for instance 23:49 melodie you need to try with the very latest kernel, or an older one than the one you have in Fedora, that might help 23:49 melodie good night/evening now