Time Nick Message 16:48 * semiosis starts overhauling infrastructure 16:49 semiosis lots of cool new stuff in the last three years since our last refresh 17:11 hydrajump semiosis: hey what are you using? 17:12 semiosis doing a proof of concept with vagrant, packer, and masterless puppet for deployment in ec2 vpc 17:12 semiosis current infra is ec2 classic, a puppetmaster, and a ton of masterfully complex puppet code 17:13 semiosis hoping to reduce that complexity 17:25 semiosis a big part of this is replacing nagios 17:25 semiosis anyone have experience with datadog? so far that looks like a good alternative 17:34 semiosis or perhaps librato 17:35 whorka not yet but please report back what you find. I'm currently comparing them to SumoLogic. 17:35 semiosis whorka: thanks! i'll probably try all three of them 17:35 semiosis never heard of sumologic before 17:37 semiosis newrelic looks too expensive at $150/server-month 17:37 semiosis hoping to spend that or less total for all the servers 17:38 whorka Sumo gave me a real nice rundown of their security infrastructure. 17:38 whorka runs on EC2/S3 and everything is AES256 encrypted end-to-end and at rest. 17:38 semiosis neat 17:39 semiosis that would be important for sending logs, but right now i'm just interested in system metrics & alerts 17:39 whorka ah, we are looking at logs 17:39 semiosis looking at setting up an elasticsearch cluster for log & business event analytics 17:39 semiosis but that's after the infra refres 17:39 semiosis h 17:40 semiosis bbaib 17:50 hydrajump semiosis: I've heard great things about datadog 18:52 semiosis that gives me hope :)