Time Nick Message 21:36 melodie hello 23:04 pdurbin melodie: hi. what's up? 23:05 melodie pdurbin hi, I am discussing with slystone about "what kind of logs are there for #lpic-fr and where can they be seen?" 23:05 pdurbin semiosis: maybe I *should* switch to kubuntu: http://irclog.greptilian.com/sourcefu/2014-10-15#i_80316 23:05 melodie I read a wikipedia page about the computer buses today 23:06 pdurbin buses are good 23:06 melodie pdurbin what is the point for you in switching to kubuntu? 23:06 melodie Ubuntu does not use Kde natively, and you are a Fedora user, so what about trying Mageia, or Mandriva which are Kde natively? 23:07 melodie not that I like KDE... well, all desktops need their users :D 23:07 pdurbin I'm just trying to stir the pot. :) 23:11 melodie to stir I stirred stirred (what does stir mean?) 23:12 pdurbin searchbot: lucky stir the pot 23:12 searchbot pdurbin: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Stir+the+pot 23:13 pdurbin http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/stir_the_pot http://www.usingenglish.com/reference/idioms/stir+the+pot.html 23:16 melodie pdurbin I see. so what's your usual desktop anyway? 23:17 pdurbin Mac at work (where I had the trouble I linked to), Fedora at home. 23:18 Mo0O hi there 23:19 melodie pdurbin I just invited Mo0O who could be interested to communicate here with people 23:20 Mo0O hi pdurbin, thanks 23:20 pdurbin Mo0O: everyone is welcome! "None of us is as smart as all of us" http://crimsonfu.github.io 23:20 Mo0O I'm on melodie ;) 23:21 melodie :) 23:22 JoeJulian Punctuation, or it gets uncomfortably suggestive. 23:23 JoeJulian :) 23:23 melodie hi JoeJulian 23:23 JoeJulian Hello melodie. 23:23 melodie where are you from? 23:23 JoeJulian Seattle 23:25 melodie ok, so it's early at your place 23:25 melodie and no sharks either 23:25 melodie (read the news about Alabama beaches crowded with sharks) 23:26 JoeJulian 4:25pm and the Puget Sound is home to some of the largest sharks, but they're friendly. 23:26 melodie here it's paste 1 am so I'm going to head to bed 23:26 melodie the Puget Sound? Oh ok 23:26 melodie see you around next 23:26 melodie good afternoon! 23:26 JoeJulian A bientot. 23:27 melodie À bientôt 23:27 * JoeJulian doesn't have all those fancy accent keys. 23:31 Mo0O JoeJulian: she said "see you" which in french without accent is "a bientot" ;) 23:31 pdurbin erika! 23:31 pdurbin spammed by my 5 year old. sorry 23:31 JoeJulian hehe 23:32 JoeJulian Mo0O: Thanks, I got that as I said it first without the accents because my us keyboard layout makes typing accents way too difficult. 23:33 Mo0O JoeJulian: me too, I use the compose key to make accent 23:33 JoeJulian Nifty little tidbit... The second largest shark in the world is a filter feeder and some do live here near Seatle. 23:35 Mo0O scrary 23:35 Mo0O scary* 23:36 JoeJulian Not at all. Being filter feeders they're not dangerous, are actually quite curious, and often come swim with divers. 23:37 * JoeJulian always finds it amazing that the largest creatures often eat the smallest things. 23:37 pdurbin piranhas are curious too 23:39 JoeJulian pfft.. every piranha I've seen is timid. Oscars, now those will happily bite your finger tip off. 23:40 pdurbin they sound groucy 23:40 JoeJulian hehe 23:41 JoeJulian You're just pulling out all the idioms today. 23:51 pdurbin JoeJulian: how "former" is this former job of yours anyway? 23:51 JoeJulian June 1 23:52 pdurbin hmm 23:52 JoeJulian but my son still works there. 23:53 * pdurbin looks at linkedin 23:53 pdurbin ah 23:53 pdurbin somehow I forgot about this. new gig good? 23:55 JoeJulian Yeah, it's pretty cool. We're completely redesigning the entire system, so I get to make a lot of design decisions. 23:55 JoeJulian ... and I'm learning salt and ceph. 23:56 pdurbin you were just complaining about people re-doing stuff you did! now that you're no longer at the old job! :) 23:56 JoeJulian Huge difference. 23:56 pdurbin everything you touch turns to gold 23:57 JoeJulian There, I had planned it all, had ongoing plans. Here they put together a POC and sales started selling it. 23:57 pdurbin sounds like gold to me