Time Nick Message 17:16 pdurbin Philip Durbin on Twitter: "Nice! They let anyone in the new @odybot community! Even former members of @fasrc like me! #odybot http://t.co/4dtqKXXrRE" - https://twitter.com/philipdurbin/status/513100443791425536 17:17 pdurbin dotplus: are you still doing HPC? 17:21 hydrajump any heka (https://github.com/mozilla-services/heka) users? 17:21 hydrajump been struggling with riemann for a week and considering alternatives maybe heka 17:22 pdurbin huh. so it's for time series data? 17:23 hydrajump pdurbin: it's for everything apparently 17:24 hydrajump http://vimeo.com/98689689 17:24 hydrajump "Rob Miller: Stream Processing Made Heka Easy" 17:25 pdurbin hmm, ok 17:25 pdurbin hydrajump: your data is time series data? 17:28 hydrajump pdurbin: data or events look like this: service-up - when service is starting, service-exception - when strange exception 17:28 hydrajump happened, service-heartbeat, 'job ' + type + ' start, 'job ' + type + ' finish' 17:28 hydrajump don't know if that is classified as time series 17:29 pdurbin sounds like logs 17:30 hydrajump those mentioned are "events" sent directly from nodejs apps and meant to go to a monitoring solution that will provide real time monitoring/ alerting 17:32 pdurbin ok. I wonder if logstash would be useful here. 17:33 hydrajump from the heka video it is supposedly does what logstash does and more without the memory overhead of jvm etc. 17:34 hydrajump heka written in go 17:35 pdurbin ah, a way to avoid the jvm 17:36 hydrajump and provides other features as well not just that. I just wanted to hear someone's experience with it