Time Nick Message 14:08 pdurbin Philip Durbin on Twitter: ""@lhochstein: OpenStack's scaling issues from the software engineering perspective: http://t.co/WviDxrzNwn" epic rant from @berrange" - https://twitter.com/philipdurbin/status/512241532167262210 14:08 pdurbin OpenStack Open Source Cloud Computing Software ยป Message: [openstack-dev] [nova] Averting the Nova crisis by splitting out virt drivers - http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2014-September/044872.html 16:52 westmaas wow that thread 17:08 pdurbin heh 17:09 pdurbin I only read the message I linked to 17:09 pdurbin well, skimmed it 17:34 semiosis pdurbin: http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E19798-01/821-1841/giqxy/ 17:35 semiosis Orphan Removal in Relationships 17:35 semiosis great title 17:35 semiosis lol 18:46 pdurbin in a podcast about Akka there was talk of killing child actors