Time Nick Message 13:32 hydrajump hi guys 13:33 hydrajump hi guys! 13:34 hydrajump It has been awhile... 13:35 pdurbin hydrajump: what's new? 14:08 hydrajump I was in SF for 3 months job hunting. 14:09 hydrajump Amazing adventure/experience. 14:10 hydrajump People are very friendly and open. The networking opporuntities are like nothing I've experienced before! 14:26 * pdurbin is heading there in a couple weeks to give a talk at javaone 15:46 semiosis hydrajump: did you find a job? 16:01 hydrajump hey semiosis it's still a work in progress. I got some remote consultancy gigs and a full-time offer letter but nothing is set in stone yet. 16:02 hydrajump had a crazy amount of interviews, but in a positive way. I'm still amazed by the experience. 16:27 pdurbin cool 18:41 hydrajump hi codex 18:55 codex hola 18:57 hydrajump how's it going? 18:57 hydrajump or I should say: que pasa tio? 19:10 codex :) 19:10 codex things are going -- lots of work, but it's interesting 19:10 codex you? 19:36 hydrajump yeah same :D 19:37 hydrajump i'm investigating a monitoring system and wanted to ask if you've used sensu or something like grafana+riemann+influxdb+statsd ?