Time Nick Message 12:27 pdurbin I'm somewhat fascinated by the markdown controversy. 12:28 pdurbin and it's interesting to see how the various implementations don't produce the same HTML: http://johnmacfarlane.net/babelmark2/?normalize=1&text=-+one%0A-+two%0A%0A*+buckle%0A*+my+shoe 12:29 pdurbin er. this is a better example... when you switch from ul to ol in the same markdown: http://johnmacfarlane.net/babelmark2/?normalize=1&text=1.+one%0A2.+two%0A%0A*+buckle%0A*+my+shoe 12:31 pdurbin see also http://standardmarkdown.com which maybe will get a name change 12:35 pdurbin sivoais: having to put links in <> like you do drives me crazy... it's part of the spec: http://talk.standardmarkdown.com/t/autolinking-is-not-automatic/73 12:37 pdurbin I was just looking at http://tantek.com/w/Markdown and I agree with some of the weirdness of markdown 12:38 pdurbin - Asterisk demarcation for italic (never what I've seen it mean in plain text email). 12:38 pdurbin - 2. No-one uses double asterisks or underlines in plain text email to mean something specific. It just looks like a typo. 12:46 pdurbin I'm kind of curious to try asciidoc. Tweeted a bit about this last night: Philip Durbin on Twitter: "@mojavelinux your "Documentation is too important to be based on a language with no formal grammar" is a great point." - https://twitter.com/philipdurbin/status/507775718051557376 13:13 pdurbin I do like that markdown is inspired by plain text email. I just think it's slightly off. 15:41 sivoais hehe, pdurbin, you went back in time to make that reply? :-D I do that sometimes. 15:50 semiosis imho they shouldn't call it markdown, that's gruber's name, regardless of any legal documentation. 15:50 semiosis call it markd0wn, writedown, or markbelow, whatever 15:52 semiosis otoh, why doesn't gruber support the effort? can't get my head around that 16:54 pdurbin_m semiosis: for Gruber's reasoning: https://overcast.fm/podcasts/episode/344902019595#t=4527 16:55 pdurbin_m which is http://daringfireball.net/thetalkshow/2014/07/19/ep-088 16:56 pdurbin_m via https://plus.google.com/u/0/109132032588648589691/posts/6pCMzLZMu8i 16:56 pdurbin_m via http://indiewebcamp.com/irc/2014-09-04/line/1409863039547 16:58 semiosis summary: some people see the world as broken because there's so many flavors of markdown. meanwhile in the world, people are happily using markdown all over the place, so there's no problem. 17:02 pdurbin_m more or less. Atwood and Gruber have different needs 17:02 pdurbin_m Gruber is always going to eyeball the rendered HTML before he posts 17:03 pdurbin_m Atwood wants absolute consistency of output across markdown implementations 17:04 semiosis my response to gruber would be... so you take your markdown & convert it to html... then do you check that the generated html looks the same in all browsers? 17:04 semiosis if it doesn't, then aren't you bothered? and if it does, then aren't you glad there's a standard for that? 17:05 semiosis i should tweet that 17:05 semiosis you heard it here first! 17:06 pdurbin_m I doubt he does. 17:07 pdurbin_m and I doubt he would be bothered 17:07 semiosis because all he uses is safari on his mac 17:07 pdurbin_m heh 17:08 pdurbin_m good enough. ship it! 17:08 semiosis i dont mean it literally, but as a thought experiment... that he's satisfied with markdown because he knows the html will look consistent because it is a standard 17:08 semiosis (mostly) 17:09 pdurbin_m once it's HTML it's the browser's job 17:10 pdurbin_m I doubt Gruber does weird things with markdown. Much more variety across stackoverflow posts, I'm sure. 17:12 pdurbin_m Atwood and GitHub should call their thing GitDown. 17:12 * pdurbin_m sings 17:12 semiosis boogie oogie 17:18 pdurbin_m the only weird thing I do with markdown is assume I don't have to put <> around my links. so maybe the new thing is not for me 17:19 semiosis GitDown is a great name, you should trademark that! 17:19 pdurbin_m Example 405 http://google.com ... not autolinked :( http://jgm.github.io/stmd/spec.html#autolinks 17:20 pdurbin_m sivoais: I just can't be like you. ;) 17:20 pdurbin_m I hear all the git docs are in asciidoc. 17:24 sivoais yep, asciidoc 17:24 sivoais GitDown++ 17:27 pdurbin_m semiosis: I saw gitdown on Twitter. not my idea 17:27 semiosis all the more reason to trademark it quick 17:47 pdurbin_m nice post: http://scripting.com/2014/09/05/emailToGruber.html 17:52 pdurbin_m anyway, I see both sides 17:52 pdurbin_m but Atwood should simply give on the name 17:52 pdurbin_m call it SpecDown or something 17:53 pdurbin_m there was a great tweet about sand castles 17:59 pdurbin_m Check out @JamesDeacon's Tweet: https://twitter.com/JamesDeacon/status/507683360173731840 18:00 pdurbin_m Kid builds castle. Other kid says 'hey, you've done it wrong, get out the way and let me show you what your castle should be' #Markdown 18:25 JoeJulian MarkedDown