Time Nick Message 01:28 mhayden pdurbin: erhmagerd we're linkedin buddies now 01:31 pdurbin woo! 01:32 pdurbin mhayden: oh hey, I've been meaning to ask you how you get photos and videos off your Nexus 5 and into iPhoto or wherever you keep them 01:37 mhayden i have photos auto-backup via btsync 01:37 mhayden they end up on my nas and i can move them around from there 01:45 pdurbin searchbot: lucky btsync 01:45 searchbot pdurbin: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BitTorrent_Sync 01:45 pdurbin mhayden: once they're on your nas, do you delete them from your phone? I'm running out of space. 01:45 mhayden generally, yeah 01:45 mhayden i'm laxy about that part :) 01:45 mhayden i'll usually go in and delete my oldest stuff from the phone 01:49 pdurbin but after you've deleted stuff from your phone... and do another sync... the photos are still safely on your nas, I assume. they don't get wiped out 01:50 pdurbin this seems to be a pretty good intro to all of this: http://john.sh/blog/2013/7/22/backing-up-android-with-bittorrent-sync-and-titaniumbackup 01:51 mhayden well, remember that sync *will* remove files ;) 01:51 pdurbin yeah, I would think. so... 01:52 pdurbin don't delete anything from my phone? ;) 02:00 pdurbin I mean, it sounds like a nice way to get stuff off the phone. 02:01 pdurbin but when you go to free space on your phone you have a new problem 02:04 mhayden yeah... the other option might be dropbox sync 02:04 mhayden or google plus photo backup 02:06 pdurbin that google plus thing freaks me out... automatically upload every photo you take directly to google? no thank you. I like the btsync idea better. I just want to get the stuff into iphoto on my wife's imac. 02:12 mhayden could always write a script to rsync files from that btsync directory elsewhere 02:12 * mhayden is headed to sleep 02:13 pdurbin for now I'm copying files to the imac. then importing them into iphoto. would be nice if iphoto recognized the nexus 5 as a camera 02:14 pdurbin copying 10.5 GB of stuff. i'm sure all these photos are awesome 02:16 pdurbin mhayden: thanks 02:50 pdurbin ah so according to http://www.howtogeek.com/192732/android-usb-connections-explained-mtp-ptp-and-usb-mass-storage/ PTP stands for Picture Transfer Protocol but this option (Camera PTP) doesn't seem to help. iPhoto can't recognize my Nexus 5 as a camera 02:58 JoeJulian I've always just used scp. 03:02 pdurbin oh wait, maybe it *does* detect it as a camera. this poor old imac is choking on the ~3500 photos on my phone though 03:02 pdurbin actually, wait, more like 1600 03:03 pdurbin ok, so this might not be so bad, this PTP mode 03:03 pdurbin if the imac stops beachballing 12:46 pdurbin when in doubt, reboot your 90 AWS instances: https://botbot.me/freenode/positivepython/2014-09-04/?msg=21004439&page=1 20:07 mhayden that's... scary 20:16 pdurbin :)