Time Nick Message 12:35 pdurbin JoeJulian: got 4096 on 2048 :) - https://plus.google.com/+PhilipDurbin/posts/QZdrpmui7K8 16:03 JoeJulian :D 16:05 JoeJulian pdurbin: Once I got 16384 (without cheating) I stopped playing. That'll be one of those things we look back at in another 20 years and realize how old we are. 16:05 pdurbin holy crap 16:05 * pdurbin bows to JoeJulian's greatness 16:05 JoeJulian hehe 16:05 JoeJulian Or stubbornness. 16:05 pdurbin JoeJulian: here I thought I had caught up with you 16:06 JoeJulian Now you have a new goal! 16:06 * pdurbin cries 16:07 pdurbin JoeJulian: you did this in a browser? with no way to save your game? 16:07 JoeJulian correct 16:07 JoeJulian On an airplane in fact. 16:07 pdurbin heh 16:54 pdurbin JoeJulian: were those high numbers black too? 17:04 JoeJulian yes 17:04 pdurbin ok 17:04 JoeJulian I didn't look at the source, but my guess is that there's just no color programmed for that high. 17:07 pdurbin so we've both reached black. it's almost like we're equal ;) 17:07 JoeJulian totally! 17:08 semiosis it's like you're the same person! 17:08 pdurbin separated at birth 17:08 JoeJulian Hmm... I'm about to become a ceph expert too. 17:10 pdurbin JoeJulian: in 20 years we'll ask people, "Did you ever see a black tile in 2048?" :) 19:13 JoeJulian Lol... Google recruiter: "We actually have a unique event that i wanted to chat with you about where you could showcase your skills in a different interview setting." Me: "No thank you. My skills are quite well known in the industry. If someone is looking for my specific skill set, anyone who's anyone will suggest my name. Those are the only interviews I entertain." 19:13 pdurbin google emailed me this week too 20:02 JoeJulian "Ok. Sorry to bother you Joe. Just looking to chat about a position here. Let me know if anything changes on your end." -- What I didn't reply with is, "Yes, if I become obscure I'll let you know." 20:15 semiosis http://www.quickmeme.com/img/21/21d2f2194e7eb6925dac5a428cc518d4398b850316887505b740e8bd0e8ffdd2.jpg 20:22 pdurbin heh 23:34 JoeJulian semiosis: I should totally reply with that.