Time Nick Message 16:00 semiosis in late september or november I'll have the opportunity to overhaul our 3 year old puppet infra. anyone have an opinion on whether I should stick with puppet, upgrading to the current latest, or try an alternative? 19:19 * pdurbin hears crickets 19:20 pdurbin semiosis: are you tempted by any other system? 19:21 pdurbin I'm wondering about hipchat. any downsides? only 25,000 messages with the free version looks like, of searchable history. https://www.hipchat.com/pricing 19:38 Whoop Slack ftw 19:38 Whoop tho it also has a message limit 19:38 Whoop but its cheap so *shrug* 19:48 * pdurbin looks at https://slack.com/pricing 19:50 Whoop they do large discounts 19:51 Whoop and still very reasonable compared to the value you get from decent comms imo 20:01 semiosis pdurbin: yes, tempted 20:28 pdurbin semiosis: which one? 20:30 semiosis idk 20:32 semiosis CM has come a looong way in the last 3 years 20:32 semiosis more than just config mgmt, the whole cloud automation scene 20:33 semiosis vagrant, packer, chef, ansible, salt, juju, virtualbox... the list goes on 20:41 pdurbin as long as `vagrant up` works I'm happy. I don't care what's used to configure the box :) 21:01 semiosis in other news, thinking about getting one of these for the office, to liven things up a bit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vIJINiK9azc 21:21 larsks semiosis: Hahahaha, I knew what the video was going to be before I clicked on it. 21:22 semiosis you should go buy a lottery ticket 21:23 larsks I should go buy a giant swimming fish balloon.