Time Nick Message 11:48 pdurbin hmm, when I try to curl http://www.smartpeoplepodcast.com/?feed=podcast 11:49 pdurbin I don't get the XML I expect... instead I get a bunch of javascript that apparently has the URL encoded in it. It works in the browser (I see the XML) but I can't figure out how to have curl download the XML. 11:57 bencomp Accept: text/html ? 11:57 bencomp xml 11:59 pdurbin bencomp: wow, that totally works. thanks! 11:59 pdurbin curl -H "Accept: text/xml" http://www.smartpeoplepodcast.com/?feed=podcast 17:40 pdurbin any javascript hackers? help! Follow redirects in d3.js or javascript · Issue #21 · IQSS/TwoRavens - https://github.com/IQSS/TwoRavens/issues/21 20:05 semiosis tee is really the best named command ever 20:18 JoeJulian +1