Time Nick Message 01:10 JoeJulian Hehe, "It's a storage problem." "It's a network problem." "It's a storage problem." "Oh yeah, does this download help?" "NO! AHA!" "Aha yourself. That file is on tmpfs. It's a network problem." 14:54 semiosis pdurbin: re: js modules outpacing java modules, quality vs. quantity 15:00 pdurbin heh 15:07 semiosis in other news, my old apartment building caught fire yesterday (moved out two weeks ago) 15:08 pdurbin good timing 15:08 semiosis +1 15:26 JoeJulian I guess that's one way to cover your tracks. 15:34 pdurbin :) 16:00 semiosis https://www.dropbox.com/s/83nz77bfn3j1epy/burned.jpg 16:13 pdurbin that is not a new england house 16:15 semiosis lol 16:46 pdurbin hmm, I'm already using homebrew. maybe I'll use it to install python: http://www.mahdiyusuf.com/post/64878566740/good-clean-python-install-on-mavericks-osx-10-9 16:46 pdurbin see also https://github.com/IQSS/dv-api-test/issues/1