Time Nick Message 01:14 pdurbin semiosis: talkin' about http://www.modulecounts.com with sivoais at http://irclog.perlgeek.de/pdl/2014-07-28 (and the next day of logs) 01:14 pdurbin javascript has surpassed java 12:26 * dotplus starts final (short) week at $employer 12:27 pdurbin dotplus: where to? 12:27 dotplus metacloud.com 12:28 pdurbin OpenStack Cloud Provider | Hosted Private Cloud - http://www.metacloud.com 12:28 pdurbin cool 12:28 * pdurbin used to dink around with openstack... in the diablo days 12:28 dotplus I hope so. I'm excited; it sounds very promising 12:31 dotplus cool tech, fairly greenfield environment, startup (-ish, they've been around for a couple of years or so), more money, more vacation and work from home. 12:32 dotplus get to learn openstack which I have a little experience with, and chef and ruby, neither of which I have any significant experience with yet. 12:34 pdurbin dotplus: I bet comptona wouldn't mind if you ask an openstack question in here 12:34 pdurbin and westmaas and ironcamel used to know something about it ;) 12:36 dotplus Did comptona recently go work for opscode/chef or am I confusing him with someone else? 12:36 pdurbin buh. not that I know of 12:39 dotplus nope, someone else from another channel, which he also frequents. 12:39 * dotplus sends sigbart for trying to access invalid memory address 12:39 dotplus sigbart. ha! I like that. "sigabrt" 12:40 dotplus doh! 13:23 larsks dotplus: you can also ask openstack questions on #openstack :) 13:25 dotplus really? ya know, I've heard of that. 14:14 pdurbin cool, I googled for "rotate google spreadsheet" and found this tip about TRANSPOSE: Convert a Row to a Column (or Backwards) in Google Docs Spreadsheets - http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/15810/convert-a-row-to-a-column-or-backwards-in-google-docs-spreadsheets/ 14:14 pdurbin works great 14:24 mhayden pdurbin: westmaas forgot about openstack :P 15:35 pdurbin how could he 15:35 pdurbin unpossible 16:36 JoeJulian forgot openstack? 16:37 JoeJulian inconceivable! 16:41 JoeJulian I might know a thing or two about openstack, too, dotplus. 16:42 dotplus I forget. are you another racker? 16:43 JoeJulian Nope, I'm a newly Principal Cloud Architect at IO. ( http://www.io.com ) 16:46 pdurbin JoeJulian: not io.io? ;) 16:46 JoeJulian I know, right! 16:46 dotplus *I* successfully resisted that quip 16:46 JoeJulian cloud.io would be perfect, but no.... 16:48 JoeJulian Hehe. Regarding .io: "Other than the Diego Garcia atoll, the territory has been uninhabited since the existing population was evacuated in 1973 and has no government of its own." - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/.io 16:48 JoeJulian So they need a TLD? 16:56 JoeJulian Actually, after reading about the http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chagossians and the fact that .io revenue goes to the British government, I no longer want a .io domain. I'd be tempted to call for a boycott even. 18:07 westmaas I know things! 18:08 westmaas dotplus: nice! congrats! 18:50 dotplus westmaas: thanks, I'm chuffed.