Time Nick Message 14:54 pdurbin is this a good place to buy SSL certs from? https://www.namecheap.com/security/ssl-certificates/comodo.aspx 15:14 shuff Comodo is the certificate authority that HUIT uses; they have a management interface that's not horrible 15:15 shuff i heard a bunch of good stuff about NameCheap a little while back when there was a big furor about moving away from GoDaddy 15:15 shuff thank you for reminding me about them; i keep meaning to make that move myself 15:30 pdurbin $9 per year for an SSL cert seems like a good price 15:56 semiosis pdurbin: namecheap is great. 16:08 pdurbin good to know 22:32 semiosis i am in need of a sequential json parser in php (a la SAX) 22:34 semiosis a ha! https://github.com/salsify/jsonstreamingparser 22:35 semiosis with composer & travis :D 22:37 pdurbin yeah, typically I'd call it a "streaming" parser 22:38 semiosis thats what i thought to but then the wikipedia page for SAX called it sequentail 22:38 semiosis hrm 22:38 semiosis s/to/too/ 22:38 semiosis meh, brain fried today 22:38 semiosis moving apartments on top of already busy schedule 22:39 semiosis for some strange reason i find working with streaming parsers really fun 22:39 semiosis the tree, the stack, feels like real core CS stuff 22:39 pdurbin :) 22:40 pdurbin this guy calls non-stream "conventional" http://coldattic.info/shvedsky/pro/blogs/a-foo-walks-into-a-bar/posts/55 22:40 pdurbin but there's probably a better term for it 22:40 pdurbin "slurp" or something :) 22:40 semiosis well in XML it's streaming vs DOM 22:40 pdurbin yeah, that's what he says 22:40 semiosis which i think works just as well for JSON, if you consider JSON documents 22:41 pdurbin hmm. I never thinking of JSON as a DOM 22:41 semiosis pocketing this post. too much xml for right now 22:43 pdurbin :)