Time Nick Message 18:24 semiosis https://twitter.com/congressedits/status/486895711402070016 - "Horse head mask Wikipedia article edited anonymously by Congress" 19:23 semiosis anyone here use ec2? i dont remember 19:23 semiosis trying to launch a t2.medium instance but it's not happening in any AZ in us-east-1 19:24 semiosis oh never mind 19:25 semiosis t2 only works in vpc :( 19:27 melodie hi 19:28 semiosis hi 20:02 JoeJulian https://object.uswest1.cloud.io.com/v1/AUTH_b166027658ad441d8baee6ec8f37f853/jjulian/sre_fail.png 20:19 pdurbin parkour outside my building: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Tmsw-SxcoQ https://twitter.com/philipdurbin/status/487324665262903296 23:20 semiosis anyone use openvpn connect for android? 23:47 semiosis running into all kinds of problems with it since switching to kitkat 23:47 semiosis fun stuff 23:51 semiosis but yay my vpns are working again \o/