Time Nick Message 11:27 pdurbin this is really good (and has a full transcript) http://rubyrogues.com/161-rr-docker-deploys-with-sam-saffron/ 11:28 pdurbin hadn't heard of https://github.com/dawn/dawn "a PaaS that leverages Ruby on Rails and Docker. It implements a Heroku-like interface" 12:52 pdurbin very cool to have a CTO who writes code: https://github.com/jimwaldo 12:52 pdurbin i.e. https://github.com/jimwaldo/HarvardX-Tools 12:58 mhayden welp, move over pebble -> https://ringly.com/ 15:33 semiosis yeah but does it *ring* when you get a phone call? 15:33 semiosis har har 15:34 * pdurbin groans