Time Nick Message 17:03 semiosis from #gluster, [12:54] btw, semiosis, I officially hate ubuntu more than ever and consider it to be the least server friendly distro of any known distro. 17:03 semiosis this seems a more appropriate channel 17:04 semiosis JoeJulian: please do go on. what specifically got you so worked up? 17:04 JoeJulian Well, I suppose that's true.... 17:05 JoeJulian I love how, on a headless server, if there's a broken raid initramfs will drop you to a shell regardless of whether or not the raid is a necessary component to the operating system. 17:07 semiosis JoeJulian: add 'nobootwait' to the fstab for that mount? 17:08 semiosis or perhaps 'optional' is the right modifier. see fstab(5), last para 17:08 semiosis for the 4th field 17:09 JoeJulian I looked through the code that produces the initrd file with initramfs_update and there is nothing to allow that to be bypassed. 17:10 semiosis hmm ok if you say so. i haven't had to roll my own initrd in a long time 17:10 JoeJulian The only way I'm able to fix it is to remove the bits added by the mdadm_tools package 17:13 semiosis JoeJulian: so even if this raid isn't in fstab, it still drops to shell? 17:13 JoeJulian yep 17:19 JoeJulian ... and in other news, did you hear that James Dyson might be leaving the company he founded?!?!?!? 17:20 * semiosis waits for the punch line 17:20 JoeJulian ... I'm worried it will create a dangerous power vacuum. 17:20 semiosis nice 21:01 ironcame1 pdurbin: is there still a #codefu channel? 21:10 pdurbin ironcame1: #sourcefu, yes 21:13 pdurbin JoeJulian: don't get mhayden started about ubuntu/debian: http://major.io/2014/06/26/install-debian-packages-without-starting-daemons/ 21:18 mhayden oh sheesh 21:18 JoeJulian hehe 21:20 mhayden the argument is that the daemons are okay to start because they're configured to listen on localhost or whatever 21:21 mhayden but since you'd rarely go into prod like that, why start them <-- my question 21:21 JoeJulian amen 21:42 * Whoop has whinged about this for years 21:42 Whoop but owell, if you're using daemons on a server you're using a config management system, so its easy to turn off auto start....for the minority of daemons that allow you turn off, grunt 21:52 JoeJulian The easiest way to do that is to use centos. ;) 23:20 pdurbin ironcame1: you've got some YAPC tidings for us?