Time Nick Message 13:39 pdurbin JoeJulian: you're mentioned on episode 80: http://cloudevangelist.org/media/ 13:39 pdurbin "Episode 80: Ric Wheeler talks at FOSDEM" 13:39 pdurbin about 6 minutes in 18:38 JoeJulian Heh, cool. Too bad it was just in reference to the earlier interview. 18:38 JoeJulian Episode 39 18:48 semiosis http://www.airpnp.co/ - Find a clean, comfortable bathroom no matter where you are. 22:22 pdurbin ironcamel: be sure to say hi to sivoais at yapc! 22:32 sivoais ah, I'm not there this year :-P Just watching remotely 22:32 sivoais I believe I have met ironcamel in Austin