Time Nick Message 14:05 pdurbin codex: have you tried https://github.com/huit/docker-drupal ? 14:17 codex no - i refuse to touch drupal 14:17 codex imo it's a complete piece of crap 14:17 codex and worse - then people take this crap and use it in an even crappier way for something that it was completely not designed to do 14:19 codex pdurbin: looking at the Dockerfile/setup, that's not really the correct way to use docker... 14:24 pdurbin :( 14:25 pdurbin I just thought I'd try Docker from Vagrant first. 14:34 bene "This is still a work in progress, and does not yet work correctly." 14:35 bene codex: which part of that is un-dockerish? 16:52 codex I think the "standard" (there isn't one, but accepted way) is to have a "build.sh", "run.sh" and the Dockerfile (along with any needed configs). Then, the Dockerfile needs to have all of the pushes and executes. Ex here: https://github.com/huit/docker-drupal/blob/master/mysql/Dockerfile 16:53 codex you shouldn't call a run like that 16:54 codex also - the data partition should be abstracted 16:56 codex supervisor is not pushed or used... 16:57 codex bene: http://git.vpetkov.net/?p=docker.git;a=tree;f=repo/apache-docker;h=55eb0b94a0940858e095022683e9ed73a77c08ff;hb=afe6132018ce0f3c107c6c383ae4aa410b935291 16:58 codex I would even put a "run.sh" in there that looks something a long the lines of: http://git.vpetkov.net/?p=docker.git;a=blob;f=run-apache-docker.sh;h=59aaa9ebd28d9e7d995e334a7ddac8be88135e30;hb=afe6132018ce0f3c107c6c383ae4aa410b935291 16:59 codex also, abstracting the storage with a data container of some sort: https://registry.hub.docker.com/u/ventz/dataos 17:08 pdurbin so... docker is hard ;) 17:24 codex not at all 17:24 codex it's just that there are no standards / templates yet 17:24 codex but the idea is it all comes down to like 8 simple commands 17:24 codex it's just that you need to change your way of thinking about the resources and components 17:26 pdurbin codex: should my first try with docker be from vagrant? 17:29 codex i personally think you should grab a VM (even if local on fusion / virtual box) -- follow the 2 steps to install docker and then create the container there 17:29 codex it will be much easier 17:30 codex pdurbin: if you need help, I can setup a VM for you to play with 17:33 pdurbin codex: grab an ubuntu vm? 17:34 codex i would - it includes the latest version, and it's literally as easy as "apt-get install docker.io" 17:34 codex and you are ready to go 17:34 pdurbin ok. i'll try that. sometime. thanks 17:37 pdurbin mhayden: "At the present time, we do not support the SP in conjunction with SELinux" -- https://wiki.shibboleth.net/confluence/display/SHIB2/NativeSPSELinux 17:37 pdurbin "There had been some intention to work on building policy modules for use with Shibboleth 2.x, but the interest in this waned as SELinux adoption lagged." 17:38 mhayden pdurbin: shabby shibboleth 17:38 pdurbin lolz 17:38 * pdurbin runs `setenforce permissive` 17:39 pdurbin mhayden: you even have a guy commenting about selinux and shib: http://major.io/2013/04/15/seriously-stop-disabling-selinux/#comment-60735 17:40 mhayden sigh 17:40 mhayden the leading LSM's are SELinux, AppArmor and TOMOYO... apparmor has so few profiles/granularity and TOMOYO is really foreign 17:41 mhayden someone told me this week: "AppArmor never gets in my way" 17:41 mhayden my response was "because it's barely doing anything!" :) 17:56 westmaas burn