Time Nick Message 13:10 pdurbin looks like RHEL 7 shipped: http://www.redhat.com/about/news/press-archive/2014/6/red-hat-unveils-rhel-7 14:38 pdurbin shuff: nice of you to retweet this: Twitter / philipdurbin: #JavaOne talk by me and ... - https://twitter.com/philipdurbin/status/476535523628969984 :) 18:58 shuff pdurbin: are you kidding? that's awesome news :) 18:59 pdurbin no pressure 18:59 pdurbin :) 18:59 pdurbin a bunch of us are presenting: Twitter / bobtreacy: 4 of 5 submissions by @IQSS ... - https://twitter.com/bobtreacy/status/476509859966640129 19:00 pdurbin I guess no one wants to hear about recursive-descent parsers: https://github.com/abailly/jparsec 19:29 pdurbin sjoeboo: you might be interested in this... storage stuff: http://irods.org/2014/04/irods-user-group-meeting/ 19:45 bene iRODS! 19:45 bene really pdurbin 19:46 bene next thing we know you'll be peddling dspace and zenodo! 19:46 bene institutional repositories everyWHAR! 19:46 pdurbin bene: there's a talk on irods/dataverse integration: http://irods.org/dev/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/Final-Agenda_iRODS-User-Meeting_2014_ver18.pdf 19:46 * bene joins liblicense-l to do some ranting 19:47 bene i thought we were in bed with cambridge computer 19:47 bene shouldn't we be rolling out starfish? 19:50 bene two days left at harvard and no more "we"! 19:50 bene that's a pretty weak "we" at harvard anyway 19:53 pdurbin bene: how could you leave us 19:56 pdurbin what's the best tool for writing a talk in plain text (e.g. markdown) that you can make a PDF out of? http://bartaz.github.io/impress.js seems nice but I don't think you can easily make a PDF out of it 20:00 bene http://gnab.github.io/remark/ <- this prints nicely as a pdf in chrome 20:01 pdurbin bene: sure does. thanks! 20:23 semiosis wow that's pretty slick! with presenter & projector views!!! 20:23 pdurbin javaone only accepts powerpoint and pdf 20:24 semiosis lol