Time Nick Message 10:38 pdurbin today! Events - Harvard IT Summit 2014 - http://www.centerdigitaled.com/events/Harvard-University-IT-Summit.html?page=agenda 11:19 CalimeroTeknik would you happen to know how to write this? date -d "next time it'll be 00:10" +%s 11:37 CalimeroTeknik um, found, but date doesn't do it 18:32 pdurbin oh man, I came to hear the talk by PaxIndustria but he's not here! 18:32 pdurbin this is what the talk is about: The Twelve-Factor App - http://12factor.net 18:33 pdurbin "The twelve-factor app is a methodology for building software-as-a-service apps" 18:36 pdurbin shuff: agperson has the stage now. good stuff 18:36 semiosis 12-factor looks interesting 18:41 pdurbin they're talking about docker 18:41 pdurbin I wonder if this code is online 18:42 pdurbin I'm gonna guess it's this: https://github.com/huit/docker-drupal 18:42 pdurbin https://github.com/huit/docker-drupal/blob/master/drupal/Dockerfile 18:43 pdurbin yeah, and vagrant. this must be it: https://github.com/huit/docker-drupal/blob/master/Vagrantfile 18:53 pdurbin vagrant up drupal --provider=docker 18:53 pdurbin from https://github.com/huit/docker-drupal#getting-started 20:53 semiosis anyone have a recommendation on a pen test/vuln scan company for a web service? 20:53 semiosis need to check myself, before i wreck myself 20:57 melodie semiosis it has to be a company? 20:57 melodie if not I know a nice guy from Belgium who might help you 20:57 semiosis well, no, but it does help when i show someone a review by a recognized name 20:58 semiosis i guess if dan kaminsky did the scan himself that would be ok 20:58 semiosis :) 20:58 melodie :p 20:58 melodie it does not hurt to ask, I'll ask him if he knows about a company 20:59 coyotus soir 20:59 melodie hi codex 20:59 semiosis best i've encountered so far was pricewaterhousecoopers 20:59 melodie hi coyotus 20:59 melodie semiosis needs to find a company for a pentest as reference 21:00 melodie do you know about one? 21:00 semiosis they went beyond just running the automated scan tools, and actually had people figuring out hacks 21:00 coyotus c'est pour quoi mel 21:00 coyotus je suis assez pressé 21:00 melodie semiosis coyotus is from Belgium and knows the topic but I don't know if he knows about companies. He is in a hurry he gets up early (europe time) can you sum up? 21:01 coyotus demain me lève à 4h 21:01 melodie coyotus je viens de le lui dire 21:01 melodie il cherche une entreprise pour des tests de pénétration pour vérifier la qualité d'un site à ce que j'ai compris et il aurait besoin de pouvoir le citer en référence. 21:01 melodie la qualité/la sécurité 21:02 coyotus il est d'ou ? 21:02 melodie il est aux US : semiosis you are in the States, right? 21:02 coyotus je connais pas de société au states 21:02 semiosis yes 21:02 coyotus et ailleur ça ne sera pas facile niveau contractuel 21:03 melodie semiosis coyotus says he does not know anyone in the States in fact 21:03 melodie coyotus si tu le dis 21:03 semiosis ok thanks 21:03 coyotus il est mieux de commencer par scanner lui même son site 21:03 melodie je crois qu'il veut des références connues 21:03 coyotus quel type de ref 21:03 melodie et scanner lui-même il l'a déjà fait 21:03 coyotus moi je peux donner que des ref belge 21:03 melodie type de ref: i guess if dan kaminsky did the scan himself that would be ok 21:04 coyotus ce qui lui sera pas très utile 21:04 melodie ok 21:04 coyotus désolé 21:04 melodie je ne veux pas te regarder beaucoup plus 21:04 melodie j'avais un truc à te demander mais je t'enverrai un mail au besoin ? 21:04 melodie retarder* 21:04 codex melodie: hola 21:04 melodie hi codex ! 21:05 melodie codex sorry for the highlight, my tab is mad :p 21:05 codex ah ok 21:05 codex :) 21:05 coyotus oki 21:05 coyotus je go désolé 21:05 coyotus ++ 21:05 melodie ok :) 21:05 melodie bonne nuit ! good night ! 21:28 pdurbin man... java, python, ruby, and perl this week 21:37 semiosis going to try qualys free vuln scanning tools 21:38 semiosis pdurbin: you polyglot 21:38 semiosis you're running all those langs on jvm right? 21:58 pdurbin perl 6 runs on the jvm 22:21 pdurbin the first thing I added was "use strict" :) 22:21 pdurbin ironcamel: ^^ 22:24 ironcamel pdurbin: the first thing you added to what? 22:24 ironcamel btw, this is pretty good http://talks.golang.org/2014/gocon-tokyo.slide#1 22:32 pdurbin ironcamel: an installer I'm hackin gon 23:00 pdurbin wow. a goto