Time Nick Message 00:21 pdurbin semiosis: does it make you sad too? 16:00 pdurbin helpful: http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/77588/passing-binary-data-to-curl-without-using-a-file 16:01 pdurbin echo -e '\x03\xF1' | curl -X POST --data-binary @- http://foo.com 17:13 ijstokes Any Harvard-types able to remind me the name of the customer support screen-share software that FAS/HUIT uses? Maybe pdurbin? 17:14 pdurbin buh. no idea. I've never been part of HUIT 17:14 ijstokes It is called M-something. 17:15 ijstokes Didn't you used to be part of FAS RC? 17:15 ijstokes I thought they used it too, but maybe I'm making that up. 17:15 pdurbin yep. about a year and a half ago 17:53 shuff ijstokes: are you thinking of Bomgar? 17:54 shuff http://www.bomgar.com/ 18:14 pdurbin oh yeah, that thing 18:14 pdurbin shuff: you're here! 18:16 larsks ijstokes: shuff: hello! 21:05 ijstokes1 larsks: hey! 21:05 larsks ijstokes1: Yo. 21:06 ijstokes1 shuff: thanks, yes, I was just coming back here to say "Bomgar". 21:06 ijstokes1 I am such an IRC n00b. How did I end up being ijstokes1? 21:06 ijstokes1 \nick ijstokes 21:06 ijstokes1 hah! 21:06 larsks Try again, noob. 21:06 ijstokes1 in case you didn't bellieve me... 21:06 larsks Are you in syracuse yet? 21:06 ijstokes that's better. 21:07 ijstokes Movers come in, like, 12 days. 21:07 ijstokes then empty house for a week or two. 21:07 ijstokes I'm so glad #crimsonfu gets logged. 21:07 larsks Yes. Now the whole internet will know your schedule. 22:51 pdurbin I'll have to go check out his linkedin profile