Time Nick Message 00:32 pdurbin "What other platforms like Gchat and Facebook offer through chatting in personal networks, IRC offers topically" http://knownhabits.wordpress.com/2014/05/28/irc-is-cool/ 00:41 moviuro_ ok, so my issue was solved, I had to add Text word = new Text(words.next()); and now it rocks :) 01:08 pdurbin oh good 17:44 semiosis "Now, when I am excited about a topic on an IRC channel, only to find that it is abandoned, I am sad." 18:13 pdurbin yeah 18:42 CalimeroTeknik this channel itself isn't very active, but quality over quantity 18:44 CalimeroTeknik where are you from originally, a university in the US, judging from the English on the site, I'd say? 18:44 CalimeroTeknik the topic matches my occupation so I joined :) 18:53 pdurbin CalimeroTeknik: welcome! https://github.com/crimsonfu/crimsonfu.github.com/blob/master/index.md#about-the-name-crimsonfu 18:54 CalimeroTeknik I read that before coming of course! 18:54 pdurbin some of us work at Harvard. commencement today. beer and pizza. yum 18:54 CalimeroTeknik that link contains some unrendered templating 18:54 CalimeroTeknik {% for post in site.posts reversed %} 18:55 pdurbin yeah. here you go: crimsonfu - sysadmins who code - http://crimsonfu.github.io 18:55 CalimeroTeknik oh, of course, makes sense that it not be rendered on github 22:11 pdurbin_m https://plus.google.com/104231532714286408773/posts/5ckkhUVKsfx