Time Nick Message 17:30 semiosis http://pastie.org/9231493 :( 17:30 semiosis i wonder how this would go in ruby 17:41 larsks semiosis: wow, that is like a weird content-specific optimization :) 17:42 semiosis oh yeah, i forgot to mention in the paste, $a == $b evals true 17:44 semiosis arrays are funny in php 19:23 melodie hello moviuro_ ! 19:24 moviuro_ hi melodie ;) 19:24 melodie moviuro_ ask your question, and be patient. You may have an answer many hours after, and you can get it by visiting the logs 19:24 melodie (see the topic: logs at http://irclog.perlgeek.de/crimsonfu/today ) 19:25 melodie pdurbin moviuro_ is an Archlinux user, and a student, I have recommanded #crimsonfu to him 19:26 moviuro_ Ok, thanks melodie for the "invitation" ;) 19:27 melodie moviuro_ you are most welcome 19:27 melodie moviuro_ in the meantime if you want you could pay a visit to http://crimsonfu.github.com 19:28 moviuro_ So I have the following issue with a Java/Hadoop Mapreduce issue: it seems to work fine but outputs lines like http://sprunge.us/MZUT & http://sprunge.us/EbaQ instead of a real count of words per "domain". Here is the code: I (double) checked the toString and method that populates the map, but don't find the mistake:http://sprunge.us/dBNg 19:32 melodie semiosis and pdurbin have had talks about Java on the chan, I can see it in the logs. 19:32 melodie http://irclog.perlgeek.de/crimsonfu/search/?nick=&q=Java 19:35 melodie moviuro_ I have one more idea, you can try #freeclass, at some times there are people very keen there 19:35 melodie no 19:35 melodie #free-class 19:35 melodie sorry for the type 19:35 melodie typo 19:35 melodie my fingers don't work. :-( 19:36 semiosis could always try stack exchange 19:36 melodie hi semiosis 19:36 semiosis hi 19:37 moviuro_ semiosis: actually, I'm not even sure it's hadoop related 19:38 moviuro_ perhaps a little mistake in my code that I oversaw (and, yes, I know the code is horrible, but this way, I only have to push one file on the server and launch the comilation) 20:50 pdurbin wow. hadoop question. no idea 20:50 pdurbin moviuro_: sorry :( 20:51 moviuro_ pdurbin: yeah, but I'm not even sure it is hadoop-related ;) 20:52 moviuro_ http://sprunge.us/JfFJ <- a bit updated code