Time Nick Message 00:07 pdurbin semiosis: have a counter per user or per IP address, I guess. only so many requests per hour 00:09 pdurbin here you go 10,000+ APIs: http://www.programmableweb.com/apis/directory 03:52 codex hydrajump: blackhat is probably one of the few security conferences that's ACTUALLY worth it 03:52 codex they have fantastic talks 03:52 codex semiosis: worst part - the example they give to search for "games" produces "No results" 03:53 codex you would think they would give examples that produce some apis 16:32 hydrajump Anyone familiar with how to get analytics for an RSS feed on your site? I've googled but it seems to be quite complicated and google analytics apparently doesn't support RSS feeds according to: https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/1008065?hl=en 18:32 bene google bought feedburner 18:32 bene are they still letting people create new accounts? 18:33 hydrajump bene: I'm still trying to figure out the whole analytics thing. Real messy the Google Analytics is...(Yoda) ;) 18:59 hydrajump Anyone have experience with this backup software http://www.zmanda.com/cloud-backup.html Zmanda Cloud Backup for windows servers to Amazon S3? 23:37 pdurbin nope 23:38 pdurbin hydrajump: did you figure out your rss analytics thing?