Time Nick Message 00:20 pdurbin semiosis: you're saying swagger forces you to have "body" on the left as a name? you can't pick your own name ("file") for multipart? 15:20 hydrajump ebay hacked!! http://www.cnet.com/news/ebay-hacked-requests-all-users-change-passwords/ 15:23 pdurbin bummer 15:58 semiosis pdurbin: yes, i set the name in the java annotation but that didnt show up in the ui 16:35 pdurbin huh 16:46 hydrajump semiosis: maybe too late but what about this for your api documentation needs http://apiary.io/ 16:48 semiosis interesting 16:49 hydrajump semiosis: http://apiblueprint.org/ 16:50 hydrajump beautiful sites 16:51 semiosis who designs these sites?!?! 16:52 hydrajump good question I wish I had those skills. Eye candy :P 16:52 semiosis thx for the refs but both are too heavyweight for what i need right now 16:53 semiosis i'm just writing a markdown doc for three endpoints a client needs this week 16:53 semiosis will worry about larger scale api docs later 16:53 hydrajump no worries. 16:55 hydrajump the second link looks pretty straightforward from the getting started... 16:55 hydrajump $ cat << 'EOF' | snowcrash --format json 16:55 hydrajump # My API 16:55 hydrajump ## GET /message 16:55 hydrajump + Response 200 (text/plain) 16:55 hydrajump Hello World! 16:55 hydrajump EOF 16:55 hydrajump { 16:55 hydrajump "name": "My API", 16:55 hydrajump "description": "" 16:55 hydrajump ... 16:56 semiosis you skipped the part where I have to git clone recursive & compile C++ 16:57 semiosis :) 16:57 hydrajump Oh...get a Mac :P 16:57 semiosis sure, reaaaally straightforward :P 16:58 hydrajump hahahaha 16:58 hydrajump Touche 16:58 hydrajump Pen and paper 18:28 larsks Huh, those both look Markdown based. Neat. hydrajump, thanks for the links :) 18:29 hydrajump ;) 18:54 pdurbin +1 18:57 hydrajump Is there a way in markdown to split a blockquote into two. Here's an example 18:58 hydrajump http://pastie.org/private/r13xe8tvgux0bvlfi11ccg 18:59 hydrajump Problem is that when I render the markdown using redcarpet it becomes one blockquote with two paragraphs. I want the two paragraphs to have a new line in between if you see what I mean. 19:11 larsks hydrajump: http://chunk.io/f/7e6e3f6713254052b2788394305eca84 19:11 hydrajump Stackoverflow https://stackoverflow.com/questions/12979577/how-can-i-write-two-separate-blockquotes-in-sequence-using-markdown 19:13 hydrajump Yeah thanks larsks. Now I have a different case that looks like this: http://pastie.org/private/gylhyrytwp2kjepc7ie6a 19:14 hydrajump Now I don't want to split the blockquote, but I want each list item to have a line break so it's easier to read 19:15 larsks hydrajump: a line break where? When I render it, there's an empty line between list items. 19:18 hydrajump really for me it looks like this: http://cl.ly/image/1G0f27333u2k 19:25 hydrajump I don't know if there's any difference with kramdown vs redcarpet with regards to this 19:26 larsks hydrajump: Fix it with CSS. You should be able to add some padding-top to your list items or something. 19:27 hydrajump there are line breaks if I remove the blockquotes. So it's a markdown limitation? 19:28 larsks I don't think so. That is, space between list items is really a style thing. 19:29 hydrajump Ok I understand. I'll add some css to fix it. Thanks for your help. 19:34 larsks You could stick some
tags in there I guess... 19:36 hydrajump I added blockquote li { padding-top: .5rem; } it did the job. 21:40 semiosis pdurbin, anyone: thoughts on how to do api request rate limiting in java? 23:17 hydrajump It would be so cool to attend something like this when I'm in the US, but super pricey https://www.blackhat.com/us-14/training/index.html 23:18 hydrajump codex: you been to any conferences like that? 23:20 hydrajump Speaking of APIs http://apis.io/ and http://apisjson.org/ 23:41 semiosis lmao, an api search engine, with a whole *30* in the index! 23:42 semiosis way to solve that problem! 23:42 semiosis can I get an API for apis.io? can i search for itself?