Time Nick Message 19:19 bene mit flea tomorrow 21:19 pdurbin fun 22:26 melodie pdurbin do you mean the netsplit? 22:26 melodie did you* ? 22:26 pdurbin no, the flea is fun. well, can be. I've only been once. years ago 22:33 melodie what is a flea? 22:35 pdurbin the MIT Flea 22:35 pdurbin semiosis: lucky mit flea 22:35 pdurbin whoops 22:35 pdurbin searchbot: lucky mit flea 22:35 searchbot pdurbin: http://w1mx.mit.edu/flea-at-mit 22:35 pdurbin semiosis: sorry! :) 22:36 melodie :) 22:36 melodie pdurbin I give up, I need to check the dictionnary, but it's too late for this 22:37 melodie at least here it is too late 22:37 melodie 00:37 pm 22:37 pdurbin melodie: you know MIT? the university? 22:37 pdurbin a bunch of people get together to buy and sell computer hardware 22:38 melodie pdurbin yes the MIT name is known, Massachussett Institute of Technology 22:38 pdurbin melodie: the English term you may not know is "flea market" 22:38 melodie flea : ok I think I get it 22:39 melodie yes that was it 22:39 melodie "marché aux puces" 22:42 melodie I'm off, good evening!