Time Nick Message 00:01 pdurbin http://www.crowdsupply.com/kosagi/novena-open-laptop 00:02 pdurbin "A new open-hardware computing platform, flexible and powerful, designed for use as a desktop, laptop, or standalone board." 00:24 westmaas seems like that site isn't very good for crowdfunding 00:24 westmaas in my unbiased opinion 00:26 pdurbin westmaas: what do you know about crowd funding ;) 00:27 westmaas haha 00:28 pdurbin westmaas: how come you and ironcamel aren't on the company web page? 00:28 westmaas we are secret weapons 00:29 pdurbin westmaas: are you shock or awe? 00:29 westmaas hah 00:30 westmaas ironcamel got a special mention on the last blog post: http://engineering.crowdtilt.com/ 00:31 pdurbin wow. awesome AND relevant 00:32 westmaas haha 00:33 pdurbin westmaas: how's perl treatin' you? 00:34 westmaas ok so far, but I haven't been getting my hands too dirty in code yes 00:34 westmaas yet* 00:34 pdurbin ah. #directorfu 00:35 westmaas exactly 00:58 ironcamel lol 00:59 ironcamel i think all westmaas does is go to meetings 00:59 ironcamel meetings for scheduling more meetings 01:02 pdurbin so sick of meetings 01:03 pdurbin ironcamel: yes, nice quote from you at the end: http://engineering.crowdtilt.com/never-ever-use-perl/ 01:05 ironcamel haha, thanks 01:06 ironcamel that was born from my frustration with people hating on perl. 02:34 pdurbin yeah, no need to hate 02:34 pdurbin "You don’t have to profess hate for one thing in order to express love for another." 03:07 westmaas ironcamel: I hate your hatred of meetings 17:59 codex hydrajump: sorry - didn't have a lot of time to go through it. Will look this weekend 18:09 pdurbin sigh 18:09 pdurbin I need `jq` but for XML 18:10 * pdurbin looks again at http://stackoverflow.com/questions/91791/grep-and-sed-equivalent-for-xml-command-line-processing 18:14 larsks pdurbin: What about xpath? xmlint --xpath //some/query < myfile.xml 18:14 larsks Err, "xmllint" 18:16 pdurbin larsks: I've been trying but it seems buggy 18:17 pdurbin believe me, I'm looking at http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2224613/how-do-you-use-the-pattern-option-of-xmllint 18:18 larsks pdurbin: usually works for me. Got an example that's not working? 18:19 larsks E.g., this works: virsh net-dumpxml default | xmllint --xpath '//range[@start=""]' - 18:19 pdurbin larsks: here you go: atom statement Dancebin! - http://danceb.in/hnmscF3c4xGMZvHQvceTbw 18:19 larsks 581162 18:19 larsks 776679 18:19 larsks 326106 18:20 larsks 591143 18:20 larsks whoop. flakey yubikey. 18:20 pdurbin heh. no worries 18:20 pdurbin this kinda does what I want: 18:20 pdurbin curl -s http://danceb.in/hnmscF3c4xGMZvHQvceTbw/raw | xpath '//entry/title' 18:21 pdurbin BUT 18:21 pdurbin since I'm on os x, I get these annoying "-- NODE --" and "Found 2 nodes" messages 18:21 Whoop larsks: my yubikey isn't flakey, thanks ;) 18:21 pdurbin more on that os x problem here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/7797795/why-is-sed-not-able-to-process-piped-output-from-xpath 18:22 larsks So...it's working, but you don't like the format of the output? 18:22 pdurbin right 18:22 pdurbin since I'm on os x, I get these annoying "-- NODE --" and "Found 2 nodes" messages 18:23 pdurbin there's no -q option on os x 18:23 pdurbin (for /usr/bin/xpath) 18:29 pdurbin hmm. maybe I'll just hack /usr/bin/xpath5.12 a bit 18:32 pdurbin yeah. that works :) 18:34 larsks Yay! 18:34 pdurbin westmaas: see? perl. love it :) 18:38 pdurbin my answer: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/7797795/why-is-sed-not-able-to-process-piped-output-from-xpath/23686186#23686186 18:38 pdurbin because otherwise `xpath` is a handy tool 18:53 whorka pdurbin: curl -s http://danceb.in/hnmscF3c4xGMZvHQvceTbw/raw | xpath '//entry/title' 2>/dev/null 18:54 pdurbin whorka: right. yes, but then I miss the newlines :( 18:57 pdurbin I did take a quick look at xmlstarlet but it seemed... complicated 19:05 pdurbin right. this even works. nice: xpath '//entry/id/text()' 19:06 pdurbin maybe xml isn't so bad after all 19:16 pdurbin ah ha. this works too: curl -s http://danceb.in/hnmscF3c4xGMZvHQvceTbw/raw | xmlstarlet sel -t -v //_:entry/_:title 19:16 pdurbin per the namespace warning/message: None of the XPaths matched; to match a node in the default namespace use '_' as the prefix (see section 5.1 in the manual). For instance, use /_:node instead of /node 20:16 hydrajump larks you like the yubikey? I've heard about it and one called ironkey, but have not used either product. 20:17 larsks hydrajump: ironkey is, I think, a completely different sort of product. yubikey is a hardware token; ironkey is an encrypted usb flash drive. Or at least, I think. 20:17 larsks At my work we use two-factor auth, and I'm using the yubikey for that. It works great. 20:18 larsks I have the yubikey "nano", which basically fits inside a USB port and can be left in semi-permanently. 20:18 larsks We're using LinOTP as the backend. 20:19 larsks We can use either hardware tokens (like the yubikey) or software tokens (like google authenticator). 20:21 whorka larsks you are completely right about the ironkey being an encrypted USB flash drive (we have several) 20:24 hydrajump whorka: You like them? 20:32 larsks hydrajump: We had a few ironkeys when I was at Harvard. They seemed nice. They sure where impenetrable when we lost the password :) 20:34 whorka yeah, they're good for what we use them for. supported under RHEL/CentOS. 20:35 hydrajump Cool the only other alternative I've come across is Lok-it http://www.lok-it.net/ 20:39 whorka "washing machine cycles will not damage LOK-IT security or the data" <- best feature 20:46 hydrajump old review of ironkey but interesting https://www.ethicalhacker.net/columns/murray/review-pen-tester-sets-sites-on-the-ironkey 20:46 hydrajump " quality of their team (mostly sourced with product people from Apple and various professionals from the InfoSec world), " 21:00 larsks buffer #crimsonfu 21:00 larsks Oh look, here I am already. 21:00 larsks :/