Time Nick Message 01:35 bene http://rappers.mdaniels.com.s3-website-us-east-1.amazonaws.com/ <- rap data splosion! 02:02 pdurbin finally, some real data science 02:41 hydrajump anyone going to be in San Francisco in June? 02:41 hydrajump and wants to meetup 16:07 hydrajump wow didn't expect this https://github.com/blog/1831-atom-free-and-open-source-for-everyone 16:07 hydrajump http://blog.atom.io/2014/05/06/atom-is-now-open-source.html 16:09 semiosis i'm more excited about this Atom Shell thing than the atom editor. https://github.com/atom/atom-shell 16:09 semiosis glad to see they did the right thing tho 16:11 semiosis lmao at the windows requirements for atom editor 16:11 semiosis lmao at all things windows generally though 16:15 hydrajump hehe yeah I've been interested in how they built a native app using node.js in the background. I wonder if atom-shell can be easily used to create other apps 16:16 semiosis that seems to be the idea 16:20 hydrajump semiosis: https://github.com/atom/atom-shell/blob/master/docs/tutorial/quick-start.md 16:20 hydrajump very cool 16:20 hydrajump I'm still learning node.js, but this could come in handy 16:47 pdurbin semiosis: are you gonna stop complaining that github doesn't open source enough stuff? 16:48 hydrajump haha 16:48 semiosis then what motivation would they have to open source things? 16:49 hydrajump There a dockerconf 2014 that I just found out about http://www.dockercon.com/ 16:50 semiosis how long do you think until RH buys docker? 16:51 semiosis wow $599?!?! thats a lot! 16:51 hydrajump yeah that's why i won't be going :( 20:39 hydrajump CSS is tricky