Time Nick Message 02:07 codex hydrajump: flynn will be great, but too complicated, not there yet. Primarily the "docker" setup is the well thought out part -- the dokku part was just for playing with it 02:07 codex both were very easy to setup 02:08 hydrajump hey codex 02:09 hydrajump I'm now using weechat, but still a bit to go before I'm comfortable with it versus using textualapp. 02:10 codex i still haven't played w/ weechat 02:11 hydrajump It's taken quite a bit of time to go through settings and just get a "basic" setup, but I like to know what the different settings are doing, so it's taken longer than it should 02:13 hydrajump I'll put my config on my github in a few days when I get a hang of it and I'll post a link. I've got it running on ec2, but when I find time I want to have it running probably on digital ocean as a docker container with others 02:15 hydrajump The reason I asked about how you are using docker + dokku is that I'm thinking about how I want to run various apps/ services on a cloud provider and using just a bunch of docker containers is one way, but then I read about dokku. Well there are so many services/ tools springing up around docker it's not easy to get a grasp on what's stable and worthwhile using. 02:23 bene are people really running user apps in containers now? 02:24 bene weechat in one and mutt in another? 02:47 pdurbin hydrajump: huh, I pretty much only change five things from the default: http://wiki.greptilian.com/weechat 02:48 pdurbin bene: good question 02:53 bene https://twitter.com/nickstinemates/status/419255104147972096 <- mutt in a docker container 02:54 bene i'm not sure i see the point 02:56 bene https://index.docker.io/u/tianon/mutt-gmail/ <- more 03:01 pdurbin good answer 03:13 bene coffee, scotch or bed?