Time Nick Message 02:25 codex hydrajump: i just deployed a new infra for docker + dokku 02:26 codex pdurbin: you are actually part of the beta group which will get access early to mid next week 02:26 codex I use irssi btw in a screen session but I like some of the weechat features 02:34 codex this is pretty sick: http://www.weechat.org/about/screenshots/weechat_2012-04-14_sembei.png/ 02:34 codex i really like some of the scripts available for weechat 12:31 hydrajump codex can you share any details about your docker + dokku setup? Dokku is only for a single host, right? Is this for personal use or production? Why not Flynn instead of dokku as it seems to be more towards multiple hosts, scaling etc. 12:31 * pdurbin didn't know he was part of a beta group 12:32 pdurbin this is my favorite weechat script: hotlist2extern.pl: waiting for hotlist to change and then execute a user specified command or writes the hotlist to screen title - http://www.weechat.org/scripts/source/hotlist2extern.pl.html/ 12:40 pdurbin so I was listening to this: 5by5 | The Changelog #118: The Sass Way and Open Publishing with John Long - http://5by5.tv/changelog/118 12:41 pdurbin and they were talking about how they like Jekyll but sometimes they find it too blog-oriented, depending on what they're doing 12:41 pdurbin sometimes they just want a static site generator that for more generic content than blogs 12:41 pdurbin and they both really like this thing called Middleman that I hadn't heard of: http://middlemanapp.com 14:50 pdurbin " 14:50 pdurbin A tool to migrate issues from GitHub repositories to GitLab repositories. 14:50 pdurbin https://gitlab.com/sigmavirus24/issues-migration 14:50 pdurbin via http://irclogs.jackgrigg.com/irc.freenode.net/openhatch/2014-05-04#i_3346920