Time Nick Message 18:39 bene tgames 18:39 * bene sighs 20:47 pdurbin bene: tgames? 20:48 bene t to open a new tab in pentadactyl and games to access a bookmark 20:50 pdurbin searchbot`: lucky pentadactyl 20:51 searchbot` pdurbin: http://5digits.org/pentadactyl/ 20:51 pdurbin ah 20:52 pdurbin bene: sorry I didn't get a chance to chat at the meeting yesterday (or even stay). so busy 21:00 pdurbin I feel bad for grabbing a sandwich but not staying until the end. 21:04 bene i left early too 21:04 bene hms is not participating in the office365 stuff 21:05 bene so not only uninteresting but also irrelevant! 21:13 pdurbin_m bene: heh. yeah, I'm not so into Microsoft stuff 21:14 pdurbin_m too many Halloween documents 21:42 hydrajump anyone used dokku https://github.com/progrium/dokku /cc codex 21:50 pdurbin_m nice tag line. 100 lines of bash 21:58 hydrajump Those of you on OS X do you use textualapp for your IRC client or something else? 22:20 hydrajump http://selfstarter.us/ roll your own crowdfunding 22:25 pdurbin hydrajump: I run weechat in a screen session on my linux vm in the cloud and ssh into it from os x (and linux) 22:26 hydrajump pdurbin digital ocean? 22:27 pdurbin nope. hosted by codex. great uptime 22:51 hydrajump pdurbin I'm checking out weechat now thanks 23:24 pdurbin hydrajump: is has different bugs than irssi at least 23:24 pdurbin it* 23:29 hydrajump I'm not a power IRC user and have only used the Textual app. I'm looking at alternatives especially considering that if I quit the app I lose any ongoing conversations. I know semiosis has mentioned znc in the past. I've looked at irssi, ircanywhere and now weechat. 23:30 pdurbin IRC was a mess for me until I got set up with irssi in a screen session 23:31 pdurbin generally, my technique for not losing ongoing conversations is to only hang out in channels that are publicly logged :) 23:33 pdurbin I'm bummed though... there were a few channels I liked that were logged at http://www.evanchooly.com but now they aren't and the logs are all gone :( 23:34 pdurbin I guess it goes to show you should do your own channel logging. 23:37 pdurbin and backup those logs to bene's server if he'll let you :)