Time Nick Message 03:41 larsks hydrajump: I haven't, but I was looking for something like that. Thanks. 12:24 pdurbin Trolls just want to have fun - http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0191886914000324 12:25 pdurbin via http://www.slate.com/articles/health_and_science/climate_desk/2014/02/internet_troll_personality_study_machiavellianism_narcissism_psychopathy.html 12:25 pdurbin via http://twit.tv/show/this-week-in-google/245 12:30 dotplus ha. buzzword bingo(psych) triggered just in the URL. 12:46 pdurbin too much buzzword? 12:46 pdurbin I dunno, seems interesting. I may check out the original paper. 13:32 dotplus quite possibly interesting, just that the URL made me twitch:) 14:17 * pdurbin was a psych major 14:53 bene it's IRODS all the way DOWN 14:57 hydrajump larsks I've been trying to get termshare to work but not successful yet. The instructions are a bit thin. I managed to deploy it to heroku, but I can't access the web-based terminal. The heroku app url redirects to the github project repo. I've contacted the author via twitter, but so far I've not got it to work. You tried it? 14:58 larsks hydrajump: Not yet. It's on my short list :). What I *really* want is something that integrates directly with tmux, so that I can run "tmux" locally but hook it up to some sort of web-based broadcasting mechanism. 14:59 hydrajump I've seen something like that but I don't use tmux... one sec 14:59 hydrajump larsks http://tmate.io/ 15:01 larsks You had my hopes up! :) But that seems more targeted at remote paring. I want the web-based aspect for doing demos without requiring software installs for participants. I see that they have "HTML 5 client" on their "future work" list, so I will keep my eye on it. 15:08 hydrajump larsks do you run your znc, tapchat services on a cloud server? 15:09 larsks hydrajump: Yeah, I'm using digitalocean for that. 15:10 hydrajump cool 15:12 hydrajump digitalocean seems quite popular 16:00 pdurbin bene: you know about https://irods.org ? 16:00 pdurbin it's on our roadmap: http://thedata.org/book/upcoming-releases 16:01 pdurbin "after 4.0" :) 16:08 bene yes, i'm familiar with irods 16:10 pdurbin wow. that's two people in one week 16:11 bene this rob ford crack video goes out to _you_ and _you_ and _you_! 16:11 bene the high energy physics crowd has been dealing with big data far longer than most sciences 16:11 pdurbin the other guy was at this event (I'm mentioned in the blog post): http://openhatch.org/blog/2014/openhatch-newsletter-april-2014/ 16:12 bene and i'm an HEP RC dilletante 16:12 bene i have also heard jacob farmer pitch his starfish FS metadata system in the past 16:12 bene BioIT world is this week 16:13 bene so all this stuff is popping up in my twitter feed right now 16:16 dotplus HEP == High Energy Physics? That sounds like a dangerous business to be dilletante about 16:17 bene i'm only a dilletante about the research computing aspects 16:17 dotplus heh, less dangerous then. 16:23 dotplus pdurbin: has anyone from dataverse talked to any of the open research folks here @ornl.gov? it seems that there might be people on both sides that would be interested in getting together if they were made aware of each other 16:25 pdurbin orly.gov? ;) 16:25 pdurbin "No messages matched your search." ... nothing in my email 16:26 pdurbin dotplus: ask them to say hi: https://groups.google.com/group/dataverse-community :) 16:28 dotplus I don't even know who "them" is. there are ~5k people here. But next time I hear someone going on about how much we're contributing to the body of (public) scientific research, I'll point them at dataverse 16:30 pdurbin dotplus: I have something you should point them at... one sec 16:31 pdurbin open science channels - Google Groups - https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/openscienceframework/wb0dkThdeJ8 16:31 pdurbin dotplus: ^^ 16:32 pdurbin yay science 16:46 hydrajump can you PM someone on IRC even if you don't know what channel(s) they might be on? 16:49 pdurbin hydrajump: sure. with /query hydrajump or whatever 16:50 hydrajump thanks pdurbin 16:55 semiosis pdurbin: converting the vboxes to qemu/kvm now 16:56 semiosis too many startup/shutdown issues with vbox 17:02 pdurbin semiosis: the author of vagrant seems to prefer vmware over vbox 17:02 semiosis what? 17:02 semiosis link? 17:02 semiosis vmw isnt even open source 17:03 pdurbin semiosis: it was on some podcast 17:20 semiosis wow kvm was a lot easier to set up than i remember 17:23 semiosis amazed how vbox can handle suspend/resume so well but fails miserably with plain old shutdown/startup 17:24 pdurbin shutdown? I always just run `vagrant destroy` :) 17:27 bene i have 30+ vbox VMs running on a headless server 17:27 bene we use them for software build/testing 17:28 bene the software opengl implementation under vbox was much better than kvm when i originally built it 18:04 pdurbin bene: how do you manage those vbox VMs? with vagrant? 18:06 bene http://sourceforge.net/projects/phpvirtualbox/ 18:07 pdurbin huh 18:07 bene very slick web frontend to the vboxwebsrv 18:19 semiosis bene: i was using remotebox (remotebox.knobgoblin.org.uk) 18:19 semiosis which was also pretty slick 18:20 bene yeah, i saw the oblique reference and read the irc log to find out the rest 18:39 pdurbin jabrcx: wow. nice redesign: https://rc.fas.harvard.edu 18:40 jabrcx thanks to Aaron Kitzmiller and Gabrielle Naglieri 18:41 pdurbin ah 18:41 pdurbin jabrcx: I had linked to it here: http://irclogs.jackgrigg.com/irc.freenode.net/openhatch/2014-05-01#i_3343575 18:44 jabrcx cool! 18:51 pdurbin :) 18:57 hydrajump larsks just tested termshare. Couldn't get my own server working, but using the free service it works great! 18:58 hydrajump Super easy to use. Execute termshare on the machine you want to share. Share the URL that shows and the other user can see your shell from a web browser AND control if you want