Time Nick Message 14:40 larsks hydrajump pdurbin re: ircanywhere, also see http://tapchatapp.com/ 15:19 hydrajump larsks No IOS support :( 15:19 hydrajump iOS 15:20 larsks True! 15:20 larsks But by far the nicest mobile irc interface I have seen. 15:20 hydrajump You use it? 15:20 larsks Yup. I run a tapchat server on the same host as my znc proxy. So my phone talks to tapchat, tapchat talks to znc, and znc talks to everything. 15:21 larsks ...including facebook and twitter and gchat via bitlbee :) 16:00 semiosis if you're in boston check this out: https://twitter.com/vijayiyer/status/461520125460746241 16:00 semiosis wish i could make it 16:01 semiosis "We're playing a free concert @Harvard for the Arts First festival, this Sunday at 2pm in the tent on Science Plaza. See you there!" -Vijay Iyer 22:58 hydrajump anyone used this https://github.com/progrium/termshare for terminal sharing? 23:08 * pdurbin hasn't. larsks: thanks for the link earlier