Time Nick Message 00:26 semiosis using remotebox to manage virtualbox vms on a remote server 00:26 semiosis pretty sweet 00:26 semiosis so much easier than KVM 00:30 pdurbin searchbot: lucky remotebox vm 00:30 searchbot pdurbin: http://xmodulo.com/2013/07/how-to-manage-virtualbox-vms-on-remote-headless-server.html 00:31 pdurbin RemoteBox : VirtualBox Client - http://knobgoblin.org.uk 00:32 pdurbin good if you want a gui I guess 00:32 semiosis http://remotebox.knobgoblin.org.uk/ 00:33 semiosis i could never get virsh console to work, had to rely on virt-manager to connect to my vm consoles, and that thing only worked 50% of the time 00:33 * semiosis has had bad luck with kvm 00:34 semiosis and configuring the host only network bridge was a pain in the you know what 00:34 pdurbin even after all the virsh fu I dropped in here? ;) 00:35 semiosis probably before you dropped that fu 00:35 semiosis but tbh, i'm not interested in having to learn a ton of fu to run VMs 00:35 semiosis vbox makes it easy, and things "just work" for me 00:35 pdurbin meh. command line all the things, I say :) 00:36 semiosis fair enough 00:37 pdurbin I did use virt-manager plenty though 11:20 * pdurbin couldn't help making a github/vader analogy: https://scrollback.io/gitlove/ :) 11:57 dotplus I'm rather with pdurbin on the 'command-line' approach, or even taking it a bit further with a 'script it to perfect reproducability'. 11:58 dotplus vbox is nice and convenient, especially since it's available on both linux/osx, but networking is ugh-awful slow 12:12 pdurbin I usually don't keep my VMs running long. a few hours. a day 15:31 pdurbin nice! Clay Christensen and Clay Shirky! http://www.centerdigitaled.com/events/Harvard-University-IT-Summit.html 15:37 pdurbin PaxIndustria: hmm... "Docker & Vagrant are disrupting traditional application packaging, deployment, and management practices" ... http://www.centerdigitaled.com/events/Harvard-University-IT-Summit.html?page=agenda 15:38 PaxIndustria :) 15:38 pdurbin PaxIndustria: sorry, I meant "Clay Christensen and Clay Shirky AND PaxIndustria!" 15:39 PaxIndustria LOL 22:02 hydrajump http://ircanywhere.com/ self-hosted IRC server/web interface 22:18 * pdurbin looks at https://github.com/ircanywhere/ircanywhere 22:18 pdurbin wow, nice