Time Nick Message 14:45 hydrajump Just got this security heads up in another channel http://www.reddit.com/r/linuxadmin/comments/23vhtd/anyone_seeing_weird_ssh_user_accepted_logs/ 15:05 Whoop had some weird sequential nagios alerts on two seperate SSH boxes 4am Friday, nagios paged me with nothing but "Server answer:" from SSH 15:05 Whoop nothing odd in logs other than a ton of normal invalid user attacks 15:05 Whoop zero clue to what that means, will read the nrpe check code shortly 15:05 Whoop s/Friday/Saturday/ 15:21 ironcamel saw someone post this: chmod 000 /usr/bin/chmod 15:22 ironcamel what do you guys thing would happen ^^^ ? 15:42 Whoop nothing as chmod isn't in /usr/bin 15:46 larsks Whoop: Sure it is. /bin is a symlink to /usr/bin on recent Fedora, at least :) 15:46 Whoop heh, wonderful 15:47 Whoop why 15:47 larsks Because everyone thought it was stupid to have things installed in two places. 15:47 larsks And we're not running SunOS 15 years ago anymore. 16:24 semiosis pdurbin: ira? doesnt ring a bell 18:14 pdurbin semiosis: ok. no worries. nice guy. might even be interested in dataverse for computer science research data 18:14 pdurbin he works with jeff darcy, et al. 18:14 semiosis cool 18:17 JoeJulian Nope, not familiar with an Ira wrt Gluster. 18:17 pdurbin he works with samba, especially, sounds like. smb support 18:19 JoeJulian Oh, right. I do know (of) that Ira. 18:19 JoeJulian Haven't yet met him in person.