Time Nick Message 00:15 pdurbin http://www.libressl.org 00:16 pdurbin http://freshbsd.org/search?project=openbsd&q=file.name:libssl is pretty entertaining 12:57 hydrajump codex hi I'm looking at whether to use AWS vs a docker purpose built provider. Do you have any experience with any of the providers listed here http://www.centurylinklabs.com/top-10-startups-built-on-docker/ or any others not listed? 19:50 codex hydrajump: very different use cases 19:50 codex aws -> full blown VM/stack 19:50 codex for special apps/webapps or "modules" if you will, i would build purpose specific docker containers 19:50 codex you should always have some full VM somewhere -- at least at this time (imo) 19:51 codex digitalocean is a great provider with ssd that's cheap 20:02 hydrajump so the docker hosting providers where you don't have access to the host VM aren't yet ready for prime time? 20:04 hydrajump If I'm not clear what I'm comparing is say an AWS instance of ubuntu server which you setup/config plus docker and then your containers versus a docker hosting providers such as dotcloud or tatum where you only deal with the docker containers 22:04 pdurbin it's a good question