Time Nick Message 00:55 pdurbin http://www.centurylinklabs.com/what-is-docker-and-when-to-use-it/ 19:14 semiosis hydrajump: re: http://www.staggeringbeauty.com/ -- did you shake vigorously? 19:17 hydrajump semiosis always :P 19:17 semiosis ha 19:18 hydrajump I sent it to some friends who thought it was a tail :D 19:18 semiosis it's one of those inflatable dudes from the card dealerships right? 19:18 hydrajump sure... 19:20 semiosis guess as with any art people can see all kinds of things 19:20 hydrajump yeah like Rorschach test 19:20 hydrajump haha 19:21 hydrajump semiosis you been working on any fun stuff lately? 19:26 semiosis nope 19:35 semiosis well, installed dd-wrt on a netgear, going to see if i can run an exotic printer with it 19:35 semiosis a dnp ds-40 19:36 semiosis haven't found any embedded devices/print servers than can drive this printer 19:36 semiosis if dd-wrt doesnt work, next step might be a beaglebone black 19:37 semiosis already tried openwrt (my preference for netgears) but it lacks the dnp driver as well 19:39 hydrajump Yeah doesn't sound like fun ;) 19:40 hydrajump btw pdurbin your http://www.centurylinklabs.com/ link has some really interesting articles. Also this for running docker on mac without docker http://blog.tutum.co/2014/01/27/docker-without-docker/ 20:56 pdurbin hydrajump: I got it at http://irclogs.shortcircuit.net.au/%23circuits/latest.log.html#t00:52:54 21:11 hydrajump pdurbin how do you keep up with all the different information feeds? I struggle to just keep up with people I follow on twitter, so if you have any useful tips ;) 23:44 pdurbin hydrajump: it's all just a river. you dip in and out 23:47 melodie good night