Time Nick Message 00:01 pdurbin yes 00:01 pdurbin very 00:01 pdurbin slowly 13:48 codex pdurbin: thanks :) 13:52 pdurbin codex: you gonna give dotplus a link? 13:55 codex I need some more info about dotplus 13:55 larsks I've been hosting a few instances on digitalocean.com and I've been happy. Hard to beat $5/month. 13:55 codex since this is more of a "private" host 13:56 codex digitalocean *is* very good. The issue is the $5/month is super underspced for real stuff 13:56 larsks They do have other options :) 13:56 codex but it's great for testing/prototyping -- especially since you can get it by the hour 13:56 codex larsks: yea, but the price point on those other options is not as good as the $5/deal 13:56 codex prgmr.com is interesting - but west coast based, and only xen 13:57 codex larsks: btw, digital ocean - one of hte biggest annoyances, they restrict kernels 13:57 codex so you can't actually upgrade to the latest kernel without them approving it, and they are a whole bunch of kernels behind ...constantly 13:57 larsks codex: Yeah, and in general restrict you to their selection of disk images. 13:57 codex :nod: 13:58 codex I started a shared hosting/vps/docker host which is "by geeks for geeks" 13:58 codex but i am trying to keep it mostly to people I know/people that are in some way refered 13:58 codex it makes things easier this way 13:58 codex uptime so far has been fantastic, as pdurbin can comment on 14:11 pdurbin +1 14:35 dotplus codex: I'm not too open in logged fora about who I am, although I don't try too hard to hide:) http://www.allgoodbits.org. started as a unix sysadmin @cmu.edu now @ornl.gov, involved with lopsa.org and usenix.org 14:37 westmaas codex: what's your docker hosting service like? just curious about implementation :) 14:38 * westmaas has his last day at rackspace today 14:48 dotplus westmaas: really? got something else fun in the works? 15:00 pdurbin westmaas: do tell! 15:00 pdurbin comptona: who you gonna ask openstack questions of now? 15:03 pdurbin mhayden: that might make you the last racker here 15:50 pdurbin my interview on Hacker Public Radio was published! https://soundcloud.com/philipdurbin/dataverse-on-hacker-public-radio-1490 15:51 pdurbin I talk about Dataverse, Vagrant, Docker, Shibboleth, and building communities 16:20 * pdurbin dreams about a Dataverse package for Debian: http://irclog.iq.harvard.edu/dvn/2014-04-18#i_8516 18:23 codex westmaas: this is a lunch type of conversation 18:23 codex (how i have docker setup) 18:23 codex and it's still heavily beta, but it seems to work very well 18:45 westmaas pdurbin: headed to crowdtilt 18:45 westmaas with mr ironcamel and magoo when he is in here 18:46 westmaas codex: don't suppose you are in the bay area? 18:46 westmaas dotplus: oh you asked first :) 18:46 westmaas dotplus: headed to crowdtilt 18:47 ironcamel yay westmaas! 18:47 ironcamel westmaas: when are you moving to SF? 18:48 westmaas leaving in ...3 hours 18:48 westmaas haha 18:48 ironcamel haha, nice 18:48 codex heh 18:48 ironcamel i'll be visiting on may 4 18:48 westmaas ironcamel: nice 18:48 ironcamel for a week 18:48 westmaas what're you doing for hackathon? 18:48 ironcamel nothing 18:48 westmaas ironcamel: that's the spirit! 20:17 larsks This looks fun: http://www.sysdig.org/ 20:50 westmaas larsks: yeah caught my eye too 20:50 westmaas haven't really tried it out yet