Time Nick Message 14:26 hydrajump does anyone have a spare invite for github's atom editor? I'm using sublime text 2 and would like to see what the hype is all about. 14:56 pdurbin hydrajump: what's you email address? 14:56 pdurbin your* 15:12 hydrajump pdurbin did you get my PM with my address? 15:16 pdurbin hydrajump: I did now. cc'd you on an email 15:18 hydrajump thank you very much pdurbin for asking your colleague ;) 15:26 pdurbin oh sure. I'm happy with vim 17:02 hydrajump hehe I've never used vim so I can't compare it to atom, but I can compare atom to sublime ;) 17:03 pdurbin ok. let us know 18:54 hydrajump This doesn't seem good https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=7573930 21:16 codex http://blog.vpetkov.net/2014/04/11/ridiculously-fast-heartbleed-subnet-scanner-nmap-heartbleed-howto-and-tutorial/ 21:17 codex ^^ i remember someone was asking about the subnet scanner for Heartbleed 21:17 codex i finally put a howto and provided the binary + wrote a howto build your own 21:36 hydrajump changing all the passwords/tokens so much fun when you don't know for sure if a site is patched or not 21:36 hydrajump hey codex ;) 21:50 pdurbin codex: dancer. nice! 21:50 pdurbin ironcamel: ^^ 21:52 pdurbin codex: you should make the link to https://github.com/FiloSottile/Heartbleed clickable 22:00 pdurbin which is written in Go. interesting 22:10 hydrajump pdurbin yeah I've been using it to check sites I use. Found that borderlinx.com is vulnerable and they still haven't fixed it 22:11 pdurbin hmm 22:11 pdurbin hydrajump: full links with http:// please, for the logger, ilbot3 22:13 hydrajump for the borderlinx check? 22:14 pdurbin for any links you drop in here 22:14 pdurbin to make them clickable 22:14 hydrajump https://twitter.com/hydrajump/status/454718559395254272 22:15 * pdurbin should put this on the crimsonfu website somewhere 22:15 pdurbin "regulars" or "bots" 22:25 hydrajump codex interesting blog post specially the custom mmap build. 22:30 sivoais 22:30 sivoais "Can you steal the keys from this server?" 22:31 pdurbin codex: do it! steal the keys! 22:42 hydrajump If they haven't been able to do it themselves it must be quite a challenge. http://blog.cloudflare.com/answering-the-critical-question-can-you-get-private-ssl-keys-using-heartbleed 22:42 pdurbin oh