Time Nick Message 06:28 codex I patched nmap so that it can detect heartbleed -- with a few tweeks, I can scan a /24 in < 30 seconds 06:29 codex I have it all nicely packaged in a .deb -- if anyone is interested, let me know 06:29 codex also, wrote a bunch of servers and cgi's so that people can easily use all this stuff 06:29 codex pdurbin: ^ - you can actually scan your infrastructure at work at "check.itsec." followed by a big domain you know 07:08 anton codex: nice! 10:16 pdurbin codex: good stuff 16:16 pdurbin huh. this site seems to be down: https://cert-manager.com/customer/InCommon :( 16:16 pdurbin oh wait. there it goes 16:24 dotplus yeah, several CAs have had load problems this week. My heart bleeds for them. 16:25 pdurbin heh