Time Nick Message 00:02 pdurbin huh. interesting 00:03 pdurbin someone offered me an invite to github's new editor. atom or whatever. but I'm happy with vim. :) 00:08 melodie codex wao wao! 00:09 melodie when will that hit Europe? 00:09 melodie :) 00:17 Whoop well, considering its specific to amazon fresh, which doesnt exist in europe - I'd guess not for a long time 00:18 Whoop hell, doesnt even exist in most of the US yet, so years :) 00:21 melodie have to go, good night 00:22 melodie Whoop ok! ^^ 00:41 hydrajump wow amazon dash...the future of grocery shopping 00:42 hydrajump why are databases so complicated :( 00:44 pdurbin complicated? 12:24 pdurbin this was really good, well worth listening to: http://theshipshow.com/2014/03/deciphering-the-docker-lifestyle/ 12:26 pdurbin and they mentioned this, which is awesome: http://www.wei-wang.com/ExplainGitWithD3/ 12:27 pdurbin kinda similar to http://pcottle.github.io/learnGitBranching/ 12:28 pdurbin but anyway, they asked for feedback about their docker episode. twitter works: https://twitter.com/ShipShowPodcast/status/450673710630838272 15:53 semiosis pdurbin: all the java web apps i've used ship with an embedded web server, usually jetty. 15:53 pdurbin hmm 15:54 semiosis although tomcat can be embedded as well 15:54 pdurbin yeah, that's how solr ships 15:54 pdurbin with jetty 15:54 pdurbin semiosis: do any of these apps use a database? 15:54 semiosis of course 15:54 pdurbin how is the database setup done? 15:55 semiosis usually they ship configured with sqlite, which you use to play with on first run, then you edit a config file & replace the sqlite config with your sql db config 15:55 semiosis sonarqube, jenkins, and jira all are like this 15:56 pdurbin ok. or could use h2 or that other h thing. to start. then switch to postgres or whatver later 15:56 semiosis right 15:57 pdurbin semiosis: so would you dump the schema from sqlite and then create the schema from it in postgres? (for example) 15:57 pdurbin for us, the postgres schema, the tables, get created when we deploy to glassfish 15:57 semiosis right 15:57 semiosis you could also provide a db script the user has to run to set up their schema 15:58 pdurbin hmm. yeah, could do 15:59 pdurbin i don't have a lot of database fu 16:19 mattdm this is a random test of unicode support: ♪€°☠☂ 16:21 pdurbin mattdm: ilbot3 can handle it :) 16:22 * pdurbin checks: http://irclog.perlgeek.de/crimsonfu/2014-04-07#i_8553151 16:22 pdurbin yep 16:22 mattdm apparently ircii is fail :) 16:22 mattdm my android phone client doesn't have complete font support 16:22 mattdm no pirates or umbrellas 16:23 pdurbin mattdm: this is what I use: Yet Another Android IRC Client - Yaaic - http://www.yaaic.org/ 16:34 pdurbin semiosis: I'm sure an RPM for our app would be appreciated. I was talking to mattdm about this over the weekend 17:28 semiosis anyone ever connect visualvm to a remote tomcat7? i'm having a real hard time getting this to work 17:28 semiosis all the web sites say the same thing, but it just doesnt work 17:34 semiosis hah, got it! 17:46 pdurbin hmm. visualvm. that's what netbeans uses but maybe I should fire it up independently 17:47 semiosis i need to track down a memory leak in prod 17:48 semiosis visualvm + jmx to the rescue 17:48 pdurbin hmm 17:48 pdurbin yeah, I need to look at performance generally 17:57 semiosis argh. remote memory monitoring is only in java 8 18:00 semiosis looks like you can make a heap dump on the remote host, then analyze the file locally 19:46 pdurbin "The other problem with Travis is that it’s a CI solution, not a proper testing solution." -- http://www.sitepoint.com/testing-across-node-js-versions-using-docker/ 20:13 hydrajump pdurbin my "databases are complicated" comment was related to a possible web app I'm trying to decide if I can develop for a friend. 20:15 hydrajump There seems to be two camps when it comes to developing modern web apps today: rails/ postgres and node/express/mongodb or something similar. 20:18 pdurbin yeah 20:18 pdurbin we're in the postgres camp 20:18 pdurbin but in the office next to mine.. the mongo camp :) 20:22 pdurbin oh, there's also a "polyglot persistence" camp 20:32 skay pdurbin: hey Max Ogden is going to talk about dat at the next mozilla science lab call https://etherpad.mozilla.org/sciencelab-calls-apr10-2014 20:56 hydrajump pdurbin have you built anything with node.js? 21:04 pdurbin hydrajump: nope. but if I did I'd probably start with a command line app: https://www.npmjs.org/browse/keyword/cli 21:05 pdurbin skay: does that get recorded as a podcast? 21:05 skay pdurbin: I do not know 21:05 pdurbin ok 21:56 ben_e https://access.redhat.com/security/cve/CVE-2014-0160 <- nasty openssl security bug... whee! 21:56 ben_e http://heartbleed.com/ <- also 22:30 pdurbin nasty 22:38 pdurbin I remember back when every bug didn't get its own domain 23:02 skay pdurbin: no podcast. I asked 23:16 pdurbin bummer 23:16 pdurbin I just started listening to this and so far so good: http://www.internethistorypodcast.com