Time Nick Message 01:49 dotplus what do people use for as the TLD for zones that will only contain internal hosts? 03:02 pdurbin hydrajump: I stood up redmine once. it's a rails app 03:02 pdurbin dotplus: I feel like we used private.net or something 03:10 dotplus uh, I don't want to "squat" on someone else's registration:) Probably the right way to do this is to have proper subzone delegation. 12:53 pdurbin probably 23:40 pdurbin http://blog.canonical.com/2014/04/02/shutting-down-ubuntu-one-file-services/ 23:57 codex pdurbin: awesome :) 23:57 codex anyone have an amazon dash invite? 23:57 codex https://fresh.amazon.com/dash