Time Nick Message 00:16 pdurbin ben_e: huh. seems legit, even 01:01 semiosis one more benefit of staying at the office late for a maintenance window: get to play music at full volume 01:05 pdurbin my kid came home singing "just another manic monday". she seems surprised I knew the words. then we played the song on youtube too loud for my wife's taste 10:15 pdurbin ben_e: that vagrant box from microsoft and this news: Microsoft Open Sources C# Compiler | Hacker News - https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=7524082 13:19 pdurbin huh. vagrant has a provisioner for docker: http://docs.vagrantup.com/v2/provisioning/docker.html 14:02 dotplus hydrajump: nope. I'm neither in .ma.us, nor am I .edu. 15:52 semiosis pdurbin: "'vagrant up' w/ docker provider takes <2 seconds to bring up a box. Delicious." - https://twitter.com/jordansissel/status/439914122973425664 15:55 ben_e abcd main meeting in 5 minutes 15:56 ben_e free lunch for harvard types... :P 16:23 semiosis if you're nuts about ubuntu whats that make you? 16:23 semiosis an ubunut 16:23 * semiosis sleep deprived 17:56 pdurbin semiosis: nice tweet 17:57 pdurbin semiosis: what should we write our installer in? Groovy? It's for a Java EE app. Needs to be deployed into Glassfish. 18:02 pdurbin sweet! got my Vagrant dev environment mostly set up. CentOS 6.5 VM running on my Mac 18:26 dotplus I went to a presentation about http://aristanetworks.com this week. These people have really bought into the idea that your network equipment is, with the exception of the ASICs and lots of nics, just another computer 18:26 dotplus and that it should be manageable as such. 18:27 dotplus it's a fedora box with some special sauce. which is mostly written in python so you can see what they're up to. 18:30 dotplus unlike many vendors who say "it's just a linux/bsd box with some extra software", it really feels like a normal linux box. JSON apis for all their stuff, manageable with ordinary CM, none of the normal pain you get when dealing with blackboxen 18:30 dotplus they're the first that have tried to make progress in this direction, and I'm glad to see it happening more. 18:32 dotplus disclaimer: I haven't actually used it, it *might* be a fragile house of cards, which is so often the reasoning why vendors make things blackboxen. On the other hand, there are already a number of installs that I'm aware of here and elsewhere. 18:37 ben_e heh 18:38 ben_e sounds like the feeling i had walking out of a juniper networks sales talk in 2000 18:48 ben_e "holy crap, it's just freebsd with a routing engine built on top! i get a full ssh session and bash shell and egrep and everything!" 18:49 ben_e . o O ( must remember to hit enter key on fully typed message before answering doorbell ) 18:50 semiosis pdurbin: what do you mean installer? 18:50 semiosis https://maven-glassfish-plugin.java.net/deploy-mojo.html 18:51 semiosis ^^ if this is a maven project we're talking about 19:07 pdurbin semiosis: this is the current installer if that helps explain: https://github.com/IQSS/dvn/blob/develop/tools/installer/dvninstall/install 19:08 semiosis this is not a maven project :( 19:08 semiosis and that installer burned my eyes 19:11 pdurbin semiosis: what would be better? 19:11 semiosis beats me 19:12 pdurbin whatgoodareyou 19:12 semiosis idkwhatyouwant 19:13 pdurbin a quick install: http://thedata.harvard.edu/guides/dataverse-installer-main.html#quick-install 19:17 pdurbin so similar to that but better 19:17 pdurbin thinking maybe groovy this time. I dunno 19:24 ben_e i thought 'curl | bash' was the new hotness for installers :-) 19:24 semiosis hahahaa 19:24 semiosis ben_e: curl | sudo bash 19:24 semiosis for more winning 19:26 semiosis pdurbin: what do others do? there must be lots of projects that dont use maven & still need to be deployed to glassfish, right? 19:26 pdurbin semiosis: we do use maven 19:26 semiosis hmm, i didnt see a pom.xml in that project 19:26 semiosis but i did see a build.xml 19:27 pdurbin https://github.com/IQSS/dvn/blob/develop/DVN-root/pom.xml 19:27 semiosis ahh 19:27 semiosis then forget the installer, use that maven glassfish plugin i linked 19:27 semiosis maven all the way 19:28 pdurbin sorry, right now I'll all WTF OMG over org.omg.CORBA.INTERNAL: WARNING: 00710008: Unable to determine local hostname from InetAddress.getLocalHost().getHostName() vmcid: OMG minor code 19:28 semiosis hah 19:29 pdurbin but I'll check out that link later 19:29 * pdurbin looks at http://mytechrantings.blogspot.com/2013/05/how-to-resolve-javanetunknownhostexcept.html 19:30 pdurbin I have no idea what I did... I mean, I upgraded VirtualBox and Vagrant... I hope that didn't hose my machine :( 20:24 ben_e the vagrant+docker thing is interesting 20:26 ben_e it runs init, rsyslog and sshd 20:26 ben_e so it's effectively multiuser 20:26 ben_e or could be with a bit more configuration 22:09 pdurbin semiosis: https://maven-glassfish-plugin.java.net might be helpful in dev but I think people who install our app will want something else. I mean, ideally we'd ship RPMs or debs, I guess. I don't know. Something to make the setup easy. 22:11 pdurbin what's the easiest java webapp to install? don't people complain about installing jenkins? 22:14 hydrajump pdurbin sorry for the late reply. I do freelance consultancy for small businesses/ startups finding and/ or developing solutions for their IT related problems. 22:15 pdurbin hydrajump: ok. cool 22:18 pdurbin ah, looks like maybe jenkins doesn't even have a database: http://serverfault.com/questions/232866/where-and-how-does-hudson-jenkins-store-data 22:18 pdurbin which makes writing an RPM easier: https://wiki.jenkins-ci.org/display/JENKINS/Installing+Jenkins+on+Red+Hat+distributions 22:18 hydrajump I can't recall how I found this channel, but I'm happy I did ;) 22:19 pdurbin comptona found it via google 22:19 * pdurbin waves at comptona 22:19 comptona so I did 22:19 comptona hehe, hi 22:19 hydrajump pdurbin I saw that you got docker installed. How's that going for you? 22:19 hydrajump hi comptona 22:19 pdurbin hydrajump: oh, no. just good ol' vagrant. so 2012 of me 22:19 hydrajump hehe ok 22:24 pdurbin this is interesting... http://www.jtrac.info/doc/html/installation.html ... "Once you have Java you can start using JTrac right away because you do not need to configure a web-application server or a database. JTrac embeds both of these (Jetty and HSQLDB) to make it easy for you to evaluate JTrac." 22:24 pdurbin looks like Jira and other stuff I've heard of uses this HSQLDB thing: http://www.hsqldb.org/web/hsqlUsing.html 22:28 JoeJulian Hey westmaas, who would be best to report something like this to to actually get it fixed: "jclift> JoeJulian: I'm finding that Rackspace VM's aren't super reliable. Out of every 10 or 15 that I start, one fails to boot and init fully. I'll be able to log into it, but it doesn't do any cloud-init stuff properly, and the log shows "no such user cloud-user" or similar wording." 22:30 * pdurbin is guessing JoeJulian (or someone) already opened a ticket 22:32 JoeJulian pdurbin: not I (I haven't reproduced the error reported) and it's not my account.