Time Nick Message 12:13 pdurbin interesting: Feature #3802: Setup dataverse 4.0 on MW Azure - Dataverse Network - Project Management at IQSS, Harvard University - https://redmine.hmdc.harvard.edu/issues/3802 12:14 pdurbin I assume that's supposed to be "MS Azure" 12:35 pdurbin ben_e: see? all this VMs for dev stuff sounds great but it's a little tricky the more moving parts you add: http://irclog.iq.harvard.edu/dvn/2014-04-03#i_7967 13:49 pdurbin I'll probably just got with Vagrant. It's what I know. I'm not going back to MacPorts. 13:54 hydrajump pdurbin homebrew 13:55 pdurbin hydrajump: not supported: NativeSPMacInstall, homebrew - http://shibboleth.net/pipermail/users/2014-April/014911.html 13:59 hydrajump pdurbin ah I didn't know you were looking to install something specific. I've never heard of shibboleth before ;) 14:05 dotplus execute him! 14:05 dotplus oh no, that's only if he pronounces it incorrectly 14:13 semiosis pdurbin: install kubuntu on that mbp! 14:22 hydrajump haha 14:23 hydrajump is shibboleth used to secure web servers or something as I saw apache mentioned? 15:00 ben_e the complexity is the moving parts 15:00 ben_e not the VM 15:00 ben_e the VM in this instance decreases your complexity 15:02 ben_e since you can set up a single vagrant box, export it to a website, hand your devs/collaborators a vagrantfile and with 'vagrant up' they have a working, consistent environment that closely mimics the production deployment env 15:02 ben_e and since they're devs, when they break it, they can just vagrant destroy && vagrant up again 15:03 ben_e it may still be a boatload of upfront work getting the working, repeatable dev env set up 15:03 ben_e but you're gonna pay for complexity costs somewhere in the process 15:10 pdurbin in the netherlands, they apparently pronounce it "shib oh lay" 15:11 pdurbin ben_e: anything but macports 15:12 pdurbin semiosis: can kubuntu make use of a retina screen? 15:14 ben_e even if it could, you won't get as good a battery life as you will with OS X 15:15 ben_e if you need ubuntu on your mac, just virtualize it 15:15 ben_e i think you're being trolled though :P 15:17 * pdurbin thinks he is 15:32 hydrajump so shin oh lay ;) is SSO 15:32 hydrajump shib 15:32 hydrajump haha 15:42 semiosis pdurbin: you tell me 15:43 semiosis retina displays have been out a while already, should be ok 15:44 pdurbin we're kind of in the middle of a release 15:48 semiosis at this point you should wait for trusty 14.04 to come out, later this month 15:54 * pdurbin can wait 15:57 hydrajump pdurbin you ditching OS X for Kubuntu? 15:58 * pdurbin can wait a loooong time 16:27 semiosis fwiw kubuntu looks great on my 1080p display 16:34 pdurbin at home I run fedora. I do like linux 16:34 pdurbin I just don't want to be out of step from the rest of my team 16:34 codex pdurbin: https://index.docker.io/u/ventz/dataos/ 16:34 codex hydrajump: ^ 16:34 codex PaxIndustria: ^ 16:35 codex i renamed my 'dos' project to dataOS 16:35 codex from the stats on the account (which I just reset) -- i realized that about 100ish people were actively using this 16:35 pdurbin codex: so I start with `brew install docker` or something? 16:35 codex for the OS X client if you want to control from OS X directly 16:35 pdurbin i'm ok with this 16:39 codex pdurbin: start with the path of least resistance 16:39 codex learn how ti works "out of the box" 16:39 codex then add funky stuff :) 16:39 codex (that's my theory anyway) 16:39 codex but - you could just follow the OS X directions on their site - i think the new way of doing it with the boot2 image is much better 16:41 pdurbin codex: is the new way documented? 16:47 codex yep 16:50 pdurbin codex: this thing? https://github.com/boot2docker/boot2docker 16:50 pdurbin (via http://docs.docker.io/en/latest/installation/mac/ ) 16:53 codex yea 16:55 codex pdurbin: i think hydrajump provided this already, but: http://docs.docker.io/en/latest/installation/mac/ 16:56 codex so they ahve "supported platforms" vs "provisioning (usage from)" 16:57 hydrajump codex when I first saw dos I immediately thought of msdos and wondered what you had created :P 16:57 codex it turns out I got > 30 emails of people asking me if it was an image for "denail of service" 16:57 codex :sigh: 16:58 codex even though the description said "DataOS" 16:58 semiosis codex: DDoSaaS 16:58 codex srsly 16:59 hydrajump haha 17:11 PaxIndustria was reading this post after checking out the thread http://puppetlabs.com/blog/can-containers-and-configuration-management-co-exist 17:11 pdurbin westmaasaaS 17:11 pdurbin westmaas: ^^ 17:12 PaxIndustria and I really like the idea of docker containers spun up by jenkins, that pretty sway 17:14 semiosis pdurbin: lol. SEMIOSISaaS 17:15 semiosis PaxIndustria: me too 17:15 semiosis currently have to long lived VMs that jenkins deploys to & runs tests against. i'd love to replace those with docker containers 17:19 hydrajump PaxIndustria I read about using ansible and docker for that....one sec let me find my links 17:19 hydrajump PaxIndustria https://github.com/Homebrew/homebrew/pull/28078 17:21 hydrajump opps wrong link 17:21 hydrajump PaxIndustria http://www.ansible.com/blog/2014/02/12/installing-and-building-docker-with-ansible 17:22 PaxIndustria cool! 17:22 hydrajump I've used ansible and can't compare to chef or puppet but it's real easy to use 17:42 hydrajump pdurbin so you going to try and get that shibolay thing working via docker on your mac 18:14 pdurbin either docker or vagrant, I guess 18:18 codex http://blog.vpetkov.net/2013/08/31/openstack-network-controller-open-vswitch-network-interfaces-config/ 18:18 codex ^ that was the article that openstack asked to license for their own documentation 18:18 * codex is extremely interested into why that's so popular 18:22 pdurbin codex: westmaas is your openstack guy 18:29 codex westmaas: ^ ping 18:30 codex why did that post get so popular? 18:30 codex i am getting like 50K+ unique hits per month 18:30 codex and why in the world would they want to license it when my license opens it to all 18:31 westmaas codex: hmmm 18:31 westmaas codex: as for why its popular I think it is becuace networking in openstack is generally confusing 18:31 codex yea, it's confusing as shit 18:31 codex heh 18:31 westmaas and it must be linked from somewhere now :) 18:31 codex that's why i posted it. i was shocked at how simple the end solution is, and how no one had it anywhere 18:31 codex westmaas: that's what i am trying to figure out 18:32 codex i see that google brings it up first at "openstack networking open vswitch" 18:32 codex but still, can't figure out what made it that popular 18:32 dotplus :( boot2docker didn't just work on my mac, installed via homebrew without error. `boot2docker status` says it's running. `boot2docker info` seems happy, but `docker version` gives me client info ok, but fails with unexpected EOF when I expect info about the server. `boot2docker ssh` hands for a while, then silently exits. 18:54 westmaas codex: who reached out to you about licensing? 18:54 westmaas anne gentle? 19:15 pdurbin who's going to watch them fire up the ol' MARK 1 in 45 minutes? 19:54 codex westmaas: drew something 19:54 pdurbin heading over 19:54 pdurbin searchbot: lucky mark 1 computer 19:54 searchbot pdurbin: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harvard_Mark_I 20:16 pdurbin_m https://twitter.com/philipdurbin/status/451814688691867648 20:16 pdurbin_m whoops. they* 20:17 semiosis pdurbin_m: is that in the science building? i passed through there to get some AC on my walk to meet you at FASRC 20:17 semiosis pdurbin_m: was surprised to see that computer 20:18 pdurbin_m yep. science center 20:23 pdurbin_m ijstokes: nice shot: https://twitter.com/ijstokes/status/451814712368705536 20:24 pdurbin_m sjoeboo: ... of you ;) 20:38 sjoeboo ha, yep! 20:57 pdurbin :) 20:58 pdurbin well, that was pretty cool. hear the thing hum. everyone was there. got a cookie 20:58 pdurbin heard* 20:58 ben_e no one wrote a "Hello world" for it 20:58 * ben_e was disappointed 20:58 semiosis how many u-boats did you sink with it? 21:05 pdurbin from what I understand this tweet is no longer true: https://twitter.com/philipdurbin/status/313027257658642433 21:05 pdurbin the place was too mobbed for me to check though 22:40 hydrajump you guys all live and work in Boston at Harvard University? 22:49 pdurbin some of us. I do 22:52 pdurbin hydrajump: https://github.com/crimsonfu/crimsonfu.github.com/blob/master/index.md#about-the-name-crimsonfu 22:55 hydrajump ah that explains why you guys go to events together etc 22:56 pdurbin ben_e: so hard to please 23:01 semiosis hydrajump: not me 23:01 pdurbin semiosis: yeah but you're in cahoots with us 23:02 pdurbin hydrajump: what's you're story? 23:02 pdurbin your* 23:02 * pdurbin slings a towel over his shoulder and wipes a pint glass 23:55 ben_e http://vagrantbox.msopentech.com/ <- windows vagrant box