Time Nick Message 01:37 hydrajump Just came across this service https://waffle.io/ pretty cool idea 02:01 pdurbin "Why don't you open source your workflow?" 02:01 * pdurbin looks at https://waffle.io/waffleio/waffle.io 02:02 pdurbin so this is making a trello board from github issues, right? like https://huboard.com/researchcompendia/researchcompendia 02:02 pdurbin skay: ^^ 02:03 pdurbin unrelated: forcing https with apache 02:03 pdurbin https://wiki.apache.org/httpd/RewriteHTTPToHTTPS totally works and is easy but there's a somewhat scary note saying "Using mod_rewrite to do this isn't the recommended behavior. See RedirectSSL" ... wondering how scared I should be 02:33 skay pdurbin: yes sort of 02:33 skay kanban style 12:59 PaxIndustria morning 12:59 pdurbin mornin' 13:15 hydrajump afternoon ;) 15:54 dotplus pdurbin: wrt. redirect/rewrite to https, why is that scary? Are they not both valid methods? 15:58 pdurbin dotplus: I think mod_rewrite is fine. But why is there FUD on that page? Is it not fine? 16:01 ben_e redirect will eventually cause the crawlers to drop the non http page from their indexes 16:02 ben_e if you really want the canonical URL to be https, then you should use a permanent redirect 16:03 pdurbin hmm. ok 16:08 codex pdurbin: i actually prefer o/s, but only when functionality is not harmed 16:08 codex and usually this is the case 16:08 codex but there are a few exceptions where o/s limits you 16:11 pdurbin the vagrant guy complains about the limitations of virtualbox too 16:11 pdurbin well, maybe not complains. but prefers vmware 16:56 codex win 24 17:25 ben_e http://wiki.nginx.org/Pitfalls#Taxing_Rewrites <- the nginx docs opinion 18:16 pdurbin ben_e: the nginx opinion is that mod_rewrite is fine? 18:20 ben_e no, it's the "i have a problem; i know i'll use regexes" == two problems opinion 18:25 pdurbin oh 18:25 pdurbin huh mod_ssl doesn't seem to be enabled by default on mac: http://blog.andyhunt.info/2011/11/26/apache-ssl-on-max-osx-lion-10-7/ 18:26 pdurbin seems to match the answer at http://superuser.com/questions/73979/how-to-easily-create-a-ssl-certificate-and-configure-it-in-apache2-in-mac-os-x 18:27 pdurbin codex: I know, I know... just do all this in docker, right? :) 18:41 ben_e what are you doing? 18:41 ben_e modifying the system daemons on a mac is a fool's errand 18:42 ben_e No Good Will Come Of This, pdurbin! 18:42 * ben_e shakes his hoary UNIX fist 18:42 pdurbin ben_e: heh. on sec and my message should hit the archive 18:42 pdurbin ben_e: NativeSPMacInstall, homebrew - http://shibboleth.net/pipermail/users/2014-April/014907.html 18:54 pdurbin ben_e: it's ok to feel sorry for me 18:56 ben_e i pity the fool! 18:57 pdurbin heh 18:57 ben_e do people run production deployments of DVN on os x? 18:57 pdurbin hell no 18:57 ben_e so why develop on it? 18:57 pdurbin I mean, they've tried 18:57 pdurbin and we've helped them 18:58 pdurbin ben_e: what should I develop on instead? 18:58 ben_e build a vagrant dev env and then make dev look as closely like prod as possible 18:58 ben_e use the vbox folder sharing to export your src dirs into the vagrant vm 18:58 pdurbin ben_e: and run my IDE (netbeans) inside vagrant?!1 18:58 ben_e so you can use Eclipse against your local src code 18:59 ben_e but the build artifacts will run inside the VM 18:59 pdurbin or inside docker, if I go that route 18:59 pdurbin codex: isn't that the idea? 18:59 ben_e meh 19:00 pdurbin we need a "tools" team to set all this up for us 19:00 ben_e i should demo our django dev set up 19:00 ben_e it's basically that idea 19:01 ben_e with ansible playbooks that you can point at dev/staging/production to drive deployment, updates, etc 19:03 pdurbin ben_e: yes! please come give a tech talk: https://lists.iq.harvard.edu/mailman/listinfo/techtalkfollowup 19:35 codex pdurbin: hm? 20:00 pdurbin codex: right now we all work on (java) code and deploy into glassfish (a java ee container/server like jboss) running on our macs. what would you do? 20:39 codex oh interesting 20:39 codex i could see docker being used for cheap containers for a dev env 20:39 codex every time you need a server - use a container 20:40 codex but the best part - you can trigger it into your deployment system 20:40 codex so when you check code into svn/git - it can run it through jenkins, and deploy a container at the end 20:42 pdurbin some more thoughs on this here: http://irclog.perlgeek.de/shibboleth/2014-04-02 20:44 codex heh 20:44 codex i love the first line 20:44 pdurbin :( 20:44 pdurbin ;) 20:45 codex i agree about os x being suck for dev env. 20:45 pdurbin meh. it's fine for java 20:45 codex i attempted at one point to get the full lamp stack, and all this extra stuff 20:45 codex but it's such a pain in the ass 20:45 pdurbin codex: what should i use for java dev? linux? windows? 20:45 codex idk 20:46 codex i've never been a SERIOUS java dev 20:46 pdurbin exactly :) 20:46 codex only place was for 1 year 20:46 codex writing the GSD plotter system 20:46 codex and i used eclipse 20:46 codex and made it work 20:46 codex the rest of the stuff - i've been using vim 20:46 codex and this was back like in '06 21:31 skay ben_e: I'd like to see your django deployment setup 21:32 skay pdurbin: this will be annoying, but one thing you can do is perhaps have a shared mounted volume so that you can edit your source code outside of the vagrant box? 21:32 skay that is a bunch of meh for me, so I don't end up doing it 21:33 skay and for me as a java dev, I used os x and centos 21:36 pdurbin at home i write java on fedora 21:37 skay pdurbin: btw, http://www.csie.ntu.edu.tw/~b01902112/9007199254740992/ 21:37 pdurbin lordy 21:37 pdurbin my whole family is addicted 21:37 pdurbin JoeJulian: ^^ 21:39 JoeJulian hehe 21:40 JoeJulian Troublemaker 21:40 skay pdurbin: oh, I should get the rest of my family addicted 21:40 skay good idea 21:41 pdurbin skay: not your 7 year old. she'll keep asking to play 21:41 pdurbin (if you have a 7 year old) 21:42 skay oops. I do not meet the prereq. I will have to borrow one 22:13 JoeJulian pdurbin: You do realize the danger of indoctrinating a 7 year old (or any subordinate) with logic, don't you? 22:13 pdurbin she still doesn't know her powers of 2 very well. I'm a touch disappointed. Stupid game. 22:14 pdurbin kidding 22:14 * pdurbin loves 2048 22:14 JoeJulian Hehe 22:15 JoeJulian I was teaching my 4yo to count to 31 on one hand last week. 22:17 pdurbin that's no mean feat 22:17 semiosis how about counting to 20 on one hand? 22:18 JoeJulian Which method is 20? 31 is, of course, binary. 22:18 semiosis idk if there's a name for it 22:19 semiosis kinda my own invention afaik 22:19 semiosis 1-4 on the digits, summing values. thumb is 10 22:19 semiosis so index (1) + pinky (4) = 5 22:19 semiosis all four fingers = 10 = thumb 22:20 JoeJulian So a variation on binary. 22:21 JoeJulian well... no... 22:21 JoeJulian Ok, odd. 22:21 semiosis hahahaha