Time Nick Message 01:26 ben_e http://northeastlinuxfest.org/?page_id=161 <- speaker list has "Aditya Patawari Building Orchestration and Configuration with Answerable" 01:26 ben_e is that a typo? googling answerable is not turning up likely suspects 02:46 codex ben_e: they meant Ansible 02:46 codex https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Northeast_Linuxfest_2014?rd=Northeast_Linuxfest_2013 02:47 codex and the 2014: https://funnel.hasgeek.com/rootconf2014/1041-building-orchestration-and-configuration-with-ansi 10:25 pdurbin ben_e: heh. answerable 12:33 dotplus will any of the NELF talks be posted online? 12:33 pdurbin dotplus: last year they posted ogg audio recordings 12:36 dotplus I noticed a mention of "oggcasts" on the site, but nothing more than that. I'd be interested in the docket/"answerable":) talks 12:43 pdurbin heh 14:10 PaxIndustria Morning 14:10 pdurbin PaxIndustria: what up 14:12 PaxIndustria Opened that issue for discussion on the vagrant-generic repo! https://github.com/huit/vagrant-generic/issues/5 14:14 pdurbin ah. Multiple Forks VS Branches 22:08 pdurbin codex: I just noticed this: http://northeastlinuxfest.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/NELF2014_schedule.pdf 22:09 pdurbin at http://northeastlinuxfest.org/?page_id=161 22:21 * pdurbin just bought his ticket. paid a whole dollar 23:37 pdurbin bear: heh. welcome! I guess you saw http://indiewebcamp.com/irc/2014-03-31/line/1396308771 :) 23:37 bear :) 23:37 bear irc alerts are both a godsend and a bane 23:43 pdurbin :) 23:43 pdurbin semiosis: oh, I retired crimsonfubot yesterday so the nick's available... now's your chance to show us how to run a bot :) 23:44 semiosis one of these days 23:44 pdurbin wat 23:44 pdurbin semiosis: you made it sound so easy :) 23:44 semiosis i see what you did there 23:44 pdurbin :) 23:45 bear what kind of bot do you need? 23:46 pdurbin bear: well, crimsonfubot was reborn, in a way, as searchbot 23:46 bear ah 23:46 pdurbin searchbot: lucky linux 23:46 searchbot pdurbin: http://www.linux.com/ 23:46 pdurbin searchbot doesn't do much 23:46 searchbot pdurbin: Error: "doesn't" is not a valid command. 23:46 pdurbin :( 23:46 semiosis searchbot: version 23:46 searchbot semiosis: An error has occurred and has been logged. Please contact this bot's administrator for more information. 23:46 pdurbin and I barely know what I'm doing 23:47 pdurbin see? 23:47 bear all bots are saddened by how much press hubots get nowadays 23:47 semiosis hubot is a piece of crap 23:47 bear agree! 23:47 pdurbin semiosis is convince he can do better :) 23:47 pdurbin convinced* 23:47 bear the core of a bot is the irc and command handler - after that it's a matter of what functions you want to layer on top 23:48 semiosis heh, when i looked into hubot it was a campfire bot & irc was an afterthought 23:48 pdurbin well, what would a new crimsonfubot do for us? 23:48 semiosis well, if it's a hubot, lots of pics of pugs & chuck norris of course 23:49 semiosis i asked the github guys to open source their hubot plugins, the ones they're always talking about as being so damn useful... they said no 23:49 semiosis so it's pugs & chuck norris 23:49 pdurbin orly 23:49 semiosis nothing more 23:50 pdurbin searchbot: lucky chuck norris hubot 23:50 searchbot pdurbin: https://github.com/github/hubot-scripts/blob/master/src/scripts/chuck-norris.coffee 23:50 semiosis pretty sure there's more than one chuck norris plugin 23:50 pdurbin meh 23:51 semiosis anyway, i asked during one of the githubbers presentations, after he said no to releasing their plugins others in the crowd started groaning, when he said the code was ugly people shouted "WHO CARES??" 23:51 semiosis i felt pretty satisfied 23:51 semiosis :D 23:51 pdurbin :) 23:51 pdurbin well, they do open source a lot of good stuff 23:51 semiosis such as? 23:51 semiosis don't say hubot ;) 23:52 pdurbin um. jekyll 23:52 * pdurbin thinks 23:52 semiosis haha 23:52 pdurbin anyway 23:52 pdurbin oh hey, is that github sexism scandal over? who won? 23:53 bear we did - she left them to come to work for us (but seriously, no it's not, just got overshadowed by Mozilla scandal) 23:54 pdurbin yeah. that was weird too 23:57 semiosis bear: who's we? 23:57 bear &yet