Time Nick Message 01:00 pdurbin hydrajump: oh, do answer your question, no I haven't played with docker. but maybe I'll go to a talk about it next weekend: "Will Weaver - Application Deployment Using Docker Containers" -- http://northeastlinuxfest.org/?page_id=161 01:00 pdurbin s/do/to/ 10:42 melodie hi 11:05 pdurbin uh oh 11:07 pdurbin where's crimsonfubot?! 11:08 pdurbin has anyone seen crimsonfubot?! 11:08 * pdurbin looks everywhere 11:08 pdurbin squee! 11:08 pdurbin overnight crimsonfubot must have changed into... searchbot! 11:09 pdurbin searchbot: lucky crimsonfu 11:09 searchbot pdurbin: http://crimsonfu.github.io/ 11:09 pdurbin but 11:09 pdurbin does searchbot respond to "@" like crimsonfubot did? 11:09 pdurbin @lucky crimsonfu 11:09 pdurbin nope. good! 11:15 melodie hi pdurbin 11:16 melodie have you seen my question at #linuxvillage? http://irclog.perlgeek.de/linuxvillage/2014-03-30#i_8514377 11:17 melodie lost the bot? o_o* 11:18 pdurbin :) 11:18 melodie I am waiting for help with this sentence, because using "The" before would help me for some cosmetics in a slideshow 11:21 pdurbin melodie: I'm replying to you in #linuxvillage 11:22 melodie thanks! 13:02 pdurbin heh. I just put "crimsonfu" as my organization: http://indiewebcamp.com/2014/Cambridge/Guest_List :) 13:03 pdurbin I'd feel a little weird puting "Harvard" since this is just some side thing I'm interested in... nothing to do with work. 19:43 codex hydrajump: yea - actually checkout shipyard 19:43 codex super pretty web UI + gui 19:43 codex probably one of the nicest web UIs i've used to date on a platform 19:43 codex but you can write your own - all the status stuff is built into the "docker" binary 19:46 pdurbin codex: want to come to that docker talk with me? http://northeastlinuxfest.org/?page_id=161 (other talks listed too) 19:47 hydrajump I'll checkout shipyard. I've been googling and reading different docker uses and came across boot2docker which might come in handy. I just need to install docker and play with it when I get time. 20:54 codex pdurbin: sounds good - when is it? (i don't see a date) 20:54 codex hydrajump: boot2docker is very very outdated 20:54 codex just fyi 20:54 codex they might've updated it recently though 20:55 codex oh yea - they updated docker, but not lxc - but at least it's not like 8 versions behind anymore 20:59 hydrajump oh ok I didn't look at it that deeply just thought the idea was cool and possibly useful for a project I have in mind 21:00 hydrajump has docker become the focus of your day job codex 21:01 hydrajump architecting large docker deployments 21:12 codex hydrajump: yea - i am actually looking at deploying most of our infrastructure on it - but first I want to move away from VMware, and i don't see that happening 21:12 codex sadly, vCenter is VERY good to central stats/management 21:12 codex and i haven't seen anything close to it on the kvm side 21:12 codex but as hypervisors go - i much prefer KVM 21:12 codex to your question - you can run docker anywhere, but i am looking to re-design quite a few things, but we are a few people short currently, so these things are on the back burner 21:13 pdurbin codex: "April 5 of 2014 at the Residence Inn Marriot Hotel in Cambridge" Near MIT. http://northeastlinuxfest.org/?page_id=71 21:13 hydrajump codex I'm looking for work ;) 21:14 codex hydrajump: seriously? I have 1 position open on our team 21:14 codex pdurbin: great. I'll sign up (if there is a sign up) 21:14 hydrajump yeah just going to have dinner will be back in ~30min 21:14 hydrajump if you're still here we can chat 21:14 codex hydrajump: send me a copy of your resume 21:14 codex and let's talk at some point (casual) 21:25 pdurbin codex: see also: http://irclog.greptilian.com/northeastlinuxfest/today :) 21:43 hydrajump I'm back